What is the CIO's role in cybersecurity leadership?

At the 2018 MIT CIO Symposium, Equinix's Lance Weaver described why the CIO must help guide enterprise cybersecurity policies.

What is the CIO's role in cybersecurity leadership?

At the recent MIT Sloan CIO Symposium in Cambridge, Lance Weaver, vice president of product strategy and emerging services at Equinix, spoke with TechRepublic's Alison DeNisco Rayome about the need for CIO's to play a role in cybersecurity strategy and leadership.

Read his comments below, or watch the video above.

Weaver: The cyber threat landscape continues to evolve and expand. We have a lot more attacks happening, especially over the past two or three years. We've seen an escalation of that. The landscape is coming in the form of more IoT attacks. We see larger amounts of threats coming into that space when it relates to either consumer related devices, and it happens in the form of DDoS attacks or in the form of machine to machine traffic for businesses that are trying to IP enable their infrastructure.

A CIO has a really critical role when it comes to instantiating security inside of an organization across all the business lines, plus the responsibility for really handling risk mitigation activities that span the spectrum for the entire organization. This has to be really focused and inserted into the daily operations of the IT organization but as well for the company, for the products they deliver for digital services. That operational nature has to be integrated so that you get the benefits of speed and innovation. At the same time, you get the higher capability for protecting those digital assets.

The CIO has a very important role in security. It makes them well suited by the fact that they understand the technology. As businesses undergo digital transformation, they recognize that a lot of their value comes in the information they have and in the delivery of those digital assets. The CIO has really the best skillsets within the organization that understand this and can do it across multiple cross-functional areas.

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