What's new in the Gmail right-click menu

If you depend upon Gmail for daily communication, you'll be happy to know about the new right-click context menu that gives users more power and flexibility.

What's new in the Gmail right-click menu

Google is always innovating. One only need to look to their suite of applications to see how agile the company has become. However, there's one particular feature, which has been long overdue. That feature is the Gmail right-click menu.

Until recently, that menu was limited to a scant few features. So thin was the context menu, it was laughably useless. However, Google recently rolled out an upgrade to that particular menu--an upgrade that finally brought the Gmail right-click menu in-line with the power of the email service it served.

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This new right-click menu will satisfy long-time users of the Gmail who complain that Google has dumbed-down the email interface that they're dependent upon. Since retiring the inbox app and service, Google seems to be migrating Gmail into some form of hybrid between the two tools (Gmail and inbox). This has caused some outrage among hardcore Gmail users. Fortunately, the new right-click menu should settle those users' rage.

What the new menu offers

The new Gmail right-click menu has significantly more to offer than previous iterations. If you open Gmail and right-click any email in your inbox, you'll see a menu (Figure A) that includes;

  • Move to tab
  • Reply
  • Reply all
  • Forward
  • Archive
  • Delete
  • Mark as unread
  • Snooze
  • Move to
  • Label as
  • Mute
  • Find emails from X
  • Find emails with this subject
  • Open in new window

Where X is the sender of the email you clicked.

Figure A

Figure A: The new Gmail right-click menu in action.

From that menu, the Find emails from X is of particular importance to many users. You no longer have to type in an email address (or name) in the search bar to find emails from a particular sender. So long as you have an email from a particular source in your Inbox to right-click, you can quickly filter such that only the sender in question shows. That entry, of course, is contextual; so it will always act upon the sender associated with the email you right-clicked.

The Snooze option might also be of importance to many users. This feature has been available in the mobile app for some time now. With the advent of the new right-click menu, snoozing in the web-based Gmail is now just as easy. Right-click an email, select Snooze, and then configure the date and time from the pop-up window (Figure B).

Figure B

Figure B: Snoozing an email in GMail is now incredibly simple.

You can either select from a predetermined time, or click Pick date & time to customize how long you want the missive to snooze.

How do you get the new menu?

By now, the right-click menu should have rolled out to all Gmail users. If you find the right-click menu is nowhere to be found, log out of Gmail and log back in. That refresh should force the menu to be available. If not, give it some time, and your Gmail account will enjoy this new, long-overdue, feature.

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