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Pencils may misspell words, but

by _Papa_ In reply to ??

My keyboard does it much faster.

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by santeewelding In reply to Pencils may misspell word ...

You have pulled the lever and deposited yourself in the land of the undead, aka, the Water Closet.

Look around, and be afraid.

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Fear not, Santee, for I am with you, and I am Carrying.

by _Papa_ In reply to Congratulations

And it ain't the sick little .25 I was touting earlier.
There is a caveat, of course, you must move to the Heart of Dixie! I don't have that much range and I can't see far past my barrel.
OK, maybe you can worry a little. But In case you are attacked again via your hooch, I do have some Black Flag with about a 25 foot range.

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Does that mean

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Fear not, Santee, for I a ...

that you're in range of Santees piece, but he's not in range of yours?

There are no piranhas in the water cooler, really there aren't. No, those are ... those are goldfish, really.

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Sweet jets of oily, poisonous goodness.

by seanferd In reply to Fear not, Santee, for I a ...

I love me some long-range insecticide.

I hate wasps.

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I make sport of them...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Sweet jets of oily, poiso ...

badminton rackets are good.
You can even discretely send them your annoying neighbors way, if you use something smaller.

Wait, did you mean white anglo-saxon people? Coz you need at least a baseball bat for those - even a badminton racket will completely fail to propel them. And even then your annoying neighbor will have to be pretty close, and on the ground

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I use a quarter sprayer from the hardware store,

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Fear not, Santee, for I a ...

one with a pump handle on top so I can pressurize the contents. Knock a roach off the deck at 20'.

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