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**** Immediate Opening for a Senior Microsoft Solution Architect ****

By joshua ·
**** Immediate Opening for a Senior Microsoft Solution Architect ****

Our client is a Fortune 10 company, and provides customers the ability to out-task or completely out-source IT infrastructure programs and projects. Sales and Service delivery capabilities in major North American markets across the United States and Canada are augmented through strategic partners to provide global coverage.

Seeking a Senior Level Solutions Architect with detailed experience with Windows, Exchange and Active Directory. Willing to travel in the New York City area.

Job Description:

The Solution Architect?s role is to ensure that solutions delivered are technically sound and conform to leading-edge standards in the IT industry. He plays a leadership role in supporting the company?s partners and clients, acting as a lead technical representative towards customers, gathering information and proposing solutions. The Solution Architect is a leader who has the judgment, determination, people and technical skills to ensure smooth and successful implementation and completion of all consulting assignments.

The successful candidate will play a key role in both the pre-sales process and the implementation of Microsoft solutions.


Detailed knowledge of Microsoft Windows, Exchange and Active Directory
Experience in large-scale IT projects
Strong analytical, technical and communication skills
Must have broad business and technical expertise
7+ Years experience
Willing to Travel in North America

Qualified candidates should send their resume to or call 650-627-9**9.

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That's great

by Oz_Media In reply to **** Immediate Opening fo ...

But to think that an IT recruiting company would post on TR really drags your name in the mud.

This has got to be the saddest recruiting attempt I've ever seen, if I knew who your client was, I'd tell them to forget paying their recruiter, they may as well just post an ad in the paper.

Don't you get paid on finding quality candidates from a special list of qualified applicants? You services have value because the general population of experienced IT staff loko for a 'specialist' to fid them work based on their personal qualifications and experience, you then offer that 'special' list of candidates to employers who wish to f=draw from your pool of specialists, then you just post the offer online?

Try Monster and perhaps find a career that doesn't imply that you have a secret pool of qualified applicants. Perhaps you could restrain from BSing yuor clients by saying you offer 'job posting assistance' for those who can't type themselves, instead.

I still can't believe a company has paid you for a specialized service and you are just posting an offer on a GLOBAL website. Great skills, and I'm sure skills that the employer would cherish.

No wonder IT folk hate recruiters and staffing agencies so much, guys like you ruin it for the legitimate recruiting companies.

To explain why what you are doing is wrong:

My brother has just paid an agency LARGE sums of money to find an associate lawyer to work under his wing. If he had not properly researched the company, he may have ended up paying someone like yourself several thousand dollars to post on websites for anyone with a pulse and a resume.

Your post just makes me sick, have you tried used car sales yet?

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Kain Management Group LLC - Executive recruiting

by Oz_Media In reply to That's great

What a sham.

If you actually work for a legitimate recruiting company, perhaps they don't realize what a weak and pathetic recruiter they have on staff and should post here for help themselves.

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It just gets worse

by Oz_Media In reply to **** Immediate Opening fo ...

Your company boasts:
"Intelligently managing these career transitions means building a long-term relationship with a top-ranked executive search firm. We would like to be that firm."

>Intelligently managing?
>Top-ranked EXECUTIVE search firm? (I'm sure you WOULD like to be THAT firm)

>Our consulting practice will provide you with the talent that you need to successfully manage and complete your mission critical projects.
>Kain MG has the real-world experience and expertise to execute on the exacting task of building winning teams.

Well you sure don't display any of these valued skills.

YOu MAY have been successful if you were posting your company to help those in NEED of work, but to take a clients needs and simply fill them on an IT forum, anyone can do that, why are YOU being paid?

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Domain info

by Joseph Moore In reply to **** Immediate Opening fo ...

WHOIS lookup on domain
whois -h ...
Registrant/Owner: 000-MD60249
951 Old County Road, PMB 115
Belmont CA, 94002
Administrative Contact: 000-MD60249
Matthew Delaney
951 Old County Road, PMB 115
Belmont CA, 94002
Technical Contact: 000-MD60249
Matthew Delaney
951 Old County Road, PMB 115
Belmont CA, 94002
Created on 2003-12-13
Updated on 2003-12-28
Expires on 2004-12-13
Think someone oughta let the Admin contact know how one of their employees is trying to find contacts?

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Will do

by Oz_Media In reply to Domain info

As this is a very common issue on TR, whether or not recruiting svcs are worth it, this just shows ONE person that isn't.

I am sure that any employer of such a persaon would back such efforts and even see them as enterprising. Such companies, are just a joke and should not exist.

I'll even put on my fancy frock and run spell check.

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Why not a salary range -

by JimHM In reply to **** Immediate Opening fo ...

You are looking for loads of experence has windows been around for 7 years. Me thinks thats a little longer than Windows has been around unless you are talking way back in the Windows 1.0 days - and that has all been redesigned into their new .... DOT.NET Trash environment.

Now that that is said - whats the cash range not worth looking if the salary isn't in the High 6 figures for CA area to live and travel from, and I do mean High 6 figures starting at $185 or $200 an hour.

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