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    Outlook Express


    by rustysal ·


    We recently switched to Comcast as our provider for phone, internet, and cable — however when we did – -our outlook express became locked and all of our email is being funneled throug Comcast. When we pull up outlook express it is locked – needless to say I have many unhappy employees who loved their outlook express — Comcast claims innocence and says it is not them – -we are at a loss.

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      What do you mean

      by santeewelding ·

      In reply to Outlook Express

      By, “locked”?

      Do you mean, without work to do, at wit’s end, and that Comcast is now in charge of mail?

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      What Santee said!

      by nexs ·

      In reply to Outlook Express

      I find it difficult to believe that a telco can lock an end user application.

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      Comcast blocks SMTP port 25

      by scndtnr ·

      In reply to Outlook Express

      I suggest you alter the Outlook Express account settings to use port 587 for the outgoing smtp service. (Edit: removed unnecessary link).

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      Have you checked

      by xnavydk ·

      In reply to Outlook Express

      If your email provider is comcast find out what ports they use, they could be different from your previous provider. If your Email provider is not comcast they can have alternative ports from default which are blocked for spam purposes mainly.

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