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Silverlight is dying and MS knows it

by todd_dsm In reply to @ Slayer

Yes, you will get a version 6. Possibly, if MS can't change their .Net framework to HTML5 by the next release, there may even be a version 7. But, they are heavily investing in HTML5 for the future:

As the top-right corner of the page states, "Produced in partnership"; that's Microsoft promoting HTML5 with an open source partner, Source Forge. The flagship product of this partnership is the Disney Tron website:

Made entirely without Silverlight; HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript. But, MS has gone further to put their full weight behind becoming a more "open" friendly company:

Their latest fall-back is in this article: Flash in Windows 8 (by default)

When in doubt, look at the partners, they are usually privy to things we don't hear on the street. Netflix is testing HTML5 to get away from Silverlight:

This all adds up to something very simple. Silverlight is going away.

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What the?

by Slayer_ In reply to Silverlight is dying and ...

What are we taling about and why make a topic starting with my name?

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maybe this is where he grabbed it from

by PurpleSkys In reply to What the?
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That take offline is really confusing

by Slayer_ In reply to maybe this is where he gr ...

Especially with a title like that, hes not even talking to me.

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i agree

by PurpleSkys In reply to That take offline is real ...

I've never liked it right from the get go

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Like I've repeatedly said,

by CharlieSpencer In reply to i agree

"Friends don't let friends 'Take Offline'."

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'xactly Charlie nt

by PurpleSkys In reply to Like I've repeatedly said ...
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by aidemzo_adanac In reply to That take offline is real ...

I was AWOL from here for a while and I started getting emails about posts and I had no idea where they came from at all. People just all PO'd about something I said, which had absolutely no relevance to anything.

Then I realized it was the new TR up to it's new tricks again. The old TR was light years ahead of this, talk about stepping back in time. They had a few minor glitches that needed to be fixed and it was ll but perfect, but just as our company does too, rebuild it, make it completely different. **** off all your existing customers, "they'll get used to it" (or else they leave).

Typical technical minds at work. The other horror I have found recently is marketing departments run by people with little to no actual marketing experience besides some graphic design work, a night school course and an ability to post all day on Twitter or Facebook. Lo and behold, this is what happens in the end. Nonsense by clueless individuals.

I've been told, 'well they have great qualifications, they have a great history" etc. Great qualifications mean shite when you destroy what already works simply to change everything as you are too high on yourself to roll with or tweak a former marketing rep's work.

Instead, everyone is out to reinvent the wheel, in the process making it worse for all users.

Sad but so commonly true these days.

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to Silverlight is dying and ...

A co-worker was going to take Silverlight classes last fall. The vendor we normally use said they were discontinuing their Silverlight offerings; she switched to HTML 5 classes.

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