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starting my career in cisco

By eddieweeks ·
In the fall of this year. I will be taking classes in cisco routing.the classes will be going into basic neteorking design to setting up a working router.
I pick routing as a career move because I like working closer to the internet infrastructure
and it whould also teach me about networking as well.I was wondering if you had any advice that I would need. to become good at cisco routing.
and also what do I have to do to get ready for
my training.and also what do l need to get here at home to get hands on training as well. like do l need a router to practice with. anything you can offer will help me become a factor in the corperate world.

l just what to do well.


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Career advice

by Oldefar In reply to starting my career in ci ...

Cisco is an equipment provider, routing is a technology. While some people think that cisco routing is a defacto standard, I recommend you not confuse the two.

To become cisco certified I think it helps to have less of a routing background. This keeps you from getting worked up about their proprietary approaches. You can learn in depth routing later.

This is not a strong career move anymore. Network engineers are finding less demand every day as technical advances put the sufficeint intelligence in the equipment. To survive, learn basic OS and scripting skills as well.

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Good advice

by robert.hawley In reply to Career advice

Equipment makers come and go, Learn the standard and apply it to the equipment dont learn the equipment and apply it to the standard.

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Given what I've heard...

by ghstinshll In reply to starting my career in ci ...

... you should think about starting your career a little lower with an A+ and Net+ certification instead of wasting money on a certification that's not going to get you anywhere, given what I'm assuming about your skill level and career knowledge level. You won't be able to get a job unless someone hands you one on a silver plate, so do it the honest and best way for your future and some day you'll have a career and be able to say you're "in technology", not because you like the way it sounds,but because you know it you tell them you're a "technical anyalyst for X company, running their LAN, WAN and exchange"... not just because it sounds good.

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Just Advice

by cspanoud In reply to starting my career in ci ...

My CCNA certification has helped, however I have over 8 years of professional experience as well.

You can find plenty of used routers and switches on the web and pretty cheap prices. Some even have packages for Cisco certification.

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start with the basic

by omie In reply to starting my career in ci ...

Well, I think you need to start in the basic. Routing is a part of Networking and if you are not well versed on the concept of networking it would be tough. In the stack level routing is at level 3 and there are a lot of things involved in that.Whenyou work on routers you should be well versed on the TCP/IP concept, for if not you will get lost in creating the policy and routing tables. Not to mention about the firewall and IDS hardwares.

You need also to know the server concept like on what are the services running and the ports that are open.

If I were you I will start in networking and move forward and in that way you will be able to learn and understand the routing better.

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