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... the government at work...

By The IT Guru ·
How is this for a good one...

Last Monday, Tech Support answers a call from the Premiers Department of the South Australian Government. One of the executives laptop would not start, but he was informing tech support because he would not let us touch it, as it was too important.

He then informed us that he was arranging a Microsoft Technician to fly in from Sydney to look at it specifically.

The technician arrives, and presses the power button, and the laptop miraculously works. It had only gone into hibernation mode!!!

Cost the taxpayer $4000.00 for all that.

Gotta love the government...

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That's not government...

by NickNielsen In reply to ... the government at wor ...

...that's a f*cking idiot. Why did he call Microsoft? All their hardware is throw-away when it breaks. (Even the X-Box.)

I strongly suspect this moron not only couldn't pour sand out of a shoe with directions written on the heel, he couldn't even find his bung with his hands tied behind his back...

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It does usually take government

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to That's not government...

to hire such a rare brand of idiot...

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It souded quite normal to me actually

by Oz_Media In reply to It does usually take gove ...

I wouldn't have blinked if it was teh Canadian government, just a bunch of clown shoes looking for a foot to fit.

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I wouldnt blame it on Govt either

by The Scummy One In reply to It souded quite normal to ...

except to get the permission for a Microsoft tech to fly out there.

I have had users with similar disabilities.

I know I have brought this up before, but, I had a user demand a new monitor. This user is used to going all over the place with the notebook, and is used to the power management settings. However, after being in a meeting for several hours, she came back to a black monitor. She called and I went out to look at it. I hit the space bar, and it popped back to life.
She insisted that the monitor was still bad and that she had tried it and it just wouldnt function. Her manager approved a new monitor, so I placed a new monitor at her desk, however, she was in a meeting.
She called again a bit later telling me that her new monitor was 'broken' and I needed to replace it. I told her to tap the spacebar, which I was told she had done several times.
I walked out there, nothing was going on, I tapped the spacebar and waited a few seconds, and it worked flawlessly.
Then she tells me that it should never wait a few seconds, and the monitor is broken, and to replace it.

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I had a "broken" monitor

by jdclyde In reply to I wouldnt blame it on Gov ...

it was half way across the state, and one of our more "pleasant" users. Of course, I got the job because I have a higher tolerance of stupidity and a sharper wit to put them in their place.

So, I pack up a monitor AND a video card, because you never know which it will be, and didn't want to get across the state and not have one or the other.

Get there, and take a quick look around. This is an industrial plant, so everything is covered in a layer of dust and dirt EXCEPT for the monitor, which is nice and clean. hmmmmm. Turn it on, nothing. look closer and see where someone has spilt their coffee on the monitor, and looking close could see the rings where the monitor was clearly the normal resting place of said coffee.

Replaced monitor, everything worked just fine.

Problem user comes in, and his boss is right behind him. He asks if I fixed it.

My reply "yes, I had to replace the monitor because someone had spilt coffee on it, burning it up".

Right away " I didn't spill coffee on it!"

My reply, as calm as can be "I didn't say you did. It isn't my office, and I wasn't here to see who it was who spilt the coffee, or wiped it down afterwords. Whoever it is that sets their coffee on your monitor would be the person you want to talk to."

He was used to bullying people, and didn't like that I wasn't intimidated by him. Sure, I kept my distance, but that is because he smelled like cat and *** from lack of bathing.....

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Can you say 'waste, abuse and fraud report'?

by Maevinn In reply to ... the government at wor ...

I'd be filing one so fast your head would spin. Not sure if that's an option for you. It's an option for US employees, for cases where there's a clear waste of money like that. They even have a website:

At a minimum, I'd be reporting that up the chain of command.

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I'm pretty sure the GAO wouldn't care

by jmgarvin In reply to Can you say 'waste, abuse ...

This happened in Australia.

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Yeah, I got that...

by Maevinn In reply to I'm pretty sure the GAO w ...

I meant I wasn't familiar enough with the Australian system to know if there was a comparable option.

But thanks for the big vote of confidence.

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LOL - That's an oxymoron though

by Oz_Media In reply to ... the government at wor ...

Government at work? Oxymoron. Government's don't "work".

The $4000.00 bill, so typical isn't it? Hilarious, oh well at least you know they aren't compromising data, or at least so THEY think anyway.

Thanks for the early yuk.

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Document, document, document

by jdclyde In reply to ... the government at wor ...

It would be a shame if the local paper were to "somehow" find out about this.....

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