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$100 Laptops!!!!!

By spidershrek ·
Hi everyone. I was browsing online this mourning and came across an article that caught my attention.

It talks about how Nick Negroponte founder of Media LaB at MIT, its creating $100 laptops so that families in countries with more econimic problems can give something to there children.
The idea here is to bring everyone up to speed in the technology field and I believe that what he is trying to do is admirable. In fact it seems beneficial for everyone in general. It would be nice for the goverment to work a program that will allow grammar students to obtain one once the kid starts school.

What do you think

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Solve other problems first

by sMoRTy71 In reply to $100 Laptops!!!!!

I think it is great to make technology affordable; however, only after basic needs are meet.

I read an article about one of Negroponte's previous efforts to distribute laptops to poor nations and it turned out that most families used the laptops for light because it was the brightest light source they had.

They also were hesitant to use them because they feared they would break them and be required to pay for them (the laptops cost more than a year's salary).

Seems like he's missing the point if he thinks laptops alone are going to somehow empower these poor nations. I think they need a solid insfrastructure first: clean water, electricity, stable food sources, etc.

Just my thoughts.

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The Chicken or the Egg

by jdmercha In reply to Solve other problems firs ...

I agree but maybe the laptops will help provide them with the knowledge they need to effectively provide those basic needs.

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Oh, come on

by sMoRTy71 In reply to The Chicken or the Egg

You really think that it is the lack of a laptop that has prevented them from getting clean water? That seems to be a real stretch.

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True, sMorRTy

by Montgomery Gator In reply to Oh, come on

The Romans were able to provide the city of Rome, with a population of over 1,000,000 people, with clean water and sewage systems 2000 years ago, and they did not have laptop computers. They were able to use abacuses and counting on their fingers, along with simple surveying equipment, to engineer the aqueducts.

Agree with sMoRTy71, help them build up the infrastructure where they can take care of themselves, and then they will be able to learn more advanced technology and build the infrastructure for that. Look at how Japan was able to transform itself from a medieval feudal society to a modern world power in the 50 years from 1850 to 1900, and are still one of the most advanced nations on the planet. Othe societies and nations that are now considered "backward" can do the same, but they need to do it in the right order, one step at at time.

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by jdmercha In reply to Oh, come on

I don't think that, but I bet somebody does.

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I agree

by jck In reply to Solve other problems firs ...

Nothing a starving person in Africa, Asia or Central/South America needs more than a laptop to get them on the Internet and up to speed on soccer scores.

And for $100, I wonder how dependable they are...especially in Africa where the temp is hot all the time.

It is an admirable move, but I'd think food, clothing and shelter would be a priority...then, put computers in the schools/libraries where they don't get damaged and are kept well and are around longer for children to use.

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by Dr Dij In reply to I agree

be real low power chips, per the article, and rubberized so reasonably water proof. And there are vast areas where they are NOT starving. they are at subsistence level but have enuf to eat mostly.

I'm sure the use would be aimed at 1) education, teaching them language and basic skills
2) appropriate tech level info - farming extension, life skills, low tech improvements such as water system info so they could do these themselves,
3) health info appropriate to them

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at least

by jck In reply to probably

that's what you'd hope...

if they're laptops, they at least have to have power sometime.

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has a hand generator

by Dr Dij In reply to at least

like on those emergency radios and lights; you crank it for 5 min, powers it for an hour. This was part of the original design.

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by jck In reply to has a hand generator

I just read a piece about it in Computer Shopper.

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