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17 beers a day prevents cancer

By Dr Dij ·
I'm not kidding:

xanthohumol from hops actually may prevent cancer in men.
never did like red wine so this is good news.

you're probably better off eating an orange tho to get bioflavanoids.

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it also prevents critical thought and

by RobRoyNJ In reply to 17 beers a day prevents c ...

The ability to walk a tightrope

Beat your 8 year old at chess

much, much more

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I don't know about you but...

by OnTheRopes In reply to it also prevents critical ...

...after 17 beers some of MY thoughts are so insightful and deep that I can?t even remember them when I?m sober.

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Yeah, I don't drink much

by Dr Dij In reply to it also prevents critical ...

interferes with my coffee consumption and makes me too sleepy. I just thought it funny and figured that beer drinkers would be hopping on the 'beer cures' bandwagon like red-wine drinkers are.

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Beats Chemo

by Tig2 In reply to 17 beers a day prevents c ...

And sounds like a whole lot more fun!

I wonder if Martinis can prevent breast cancer???

Another example of wishful thinking in action! :)

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by Jaqui In reply to Beats Chemo

liquid nitrogen being used to burn off external tumors.

or.. partially external tumors

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stops prostate cancer, but...

by systemsgod In reply to 17 beers a day prevents c ...

What about your liver, stomach and pancreas? How about those brain cells? Obesity? I would weight 500 pounds if I drank that many beers a day.

Although, I dont know how you could physically drink that much on a daily basis. Considering 7 hours of sleep daily, you would have to drink one beer per hour from the time you first awoke until you went to bed (or, in the case of lightweights like me, passed out!).

What they said about "too much of a good thing" comes to mind here.

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I don't drink beer any more, but back in the day I could easily pound 17 from 6PM until 2AM. That's only a little more than 2 an hour. And as far as obesity goes, unfermented wheat (like bread) and dairy are far worse for you if you have any intolerance (which most people do).

But I agree -- the benefits are offset by the ill effects.

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prevention worse than the disease?

by straightshooter In reply to Lightweight

I believe that if you drank 17 beers a day for any period of time, you wouldn't live long enough to contract cancer! I think you would be dead as the result of a vehicle accident or some other stupid, preventable cause!
In fact, how about this: I guarantee that if you drink one gallon of hydrochloric acid in a single day, you positively, absolutely won't get any biological disease of any kind for the rest of your life!

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No, but its hard to think about it when you're drunk

by MagicTom In reply to 17 beers a day prevents c ...

And if it does... you can be sure you will die of a liver desease.

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by ganjoo In reply to 17 beers a day prevents c ...

whar about the pot belly??

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