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1st Amendment

By say2joe ·
I think Tech Republic should abandon the "1st amendment" (insert own paradigm for those outside US) for its site and use their editors as censorship for threads and comments. Stupid people with biased, ignorant, or poorly articulated thoughts should not be allowed to post comments. I should probably be included in that category.

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It's a major factor in their popularity

by DC Guy In reply to 1st Amendment

I know people who only come to TR for the bulletin boards. I have to admit that even I sometimes go for days at a time without reading any of the articles.

We're living in the Jerry Springer Era. People like to read and write gossip. "Stupid people with biased, ignorant, and poorly articulated thoughts" are now considered to be unpaid entertainers. (Well, I guess gangsta rappers get paid but that's a special case.)

If you've ever stared with your mouth open at "American Idol," you've noticed that many of the contestants are just awful and don't have a chance of winning. While you and I might be embarrassed and saddened that they arrived full of pride and enthusiasm, believing they were selected for their artistry, and then went home ridiculed and humiliated with their dreams shattered rudely and condescendingly in public, for millions of people that's what counts as entertainment.

Apparently the same people who watch "American Idol" read TR.

BTW, one of the things that rankles me about TR's lack of editing and censorship is the absence of spelling and proofreading standards. Please look up the word "amendment."

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by say2joe In reply to It's a major factor in th ...

No need to look up the word. But, thanks for pointing out the spelling error. A spell checker would be a "nice have", but so would the motivation to make sure I don't have any errors in my posts. I like your comments, and I don't watch American Idol for the reasons you cited.

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smart vs. average vs. dumb

by mjwx In reply to It's a major factor in th ...

Smart people talk about ideas.
Average people talk about events.
Dumb people talk about other people.

I've forgotten who said this but he was smart.

I like the idea of "Idiot Control" but I like the idea of "Freedom" even more.

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DC Guy: You are correct

by onbliss In reply to It's a major factor in th ...

I used to come here to read articles about 4-5 years ago, these days I come here just for the discussions, that too the non-technical ones :-).
Being a developer I find several other sites to turn to for software development News, "How-Tos", Tips etc.
I consider this the perfect place to exchange thoughts with other tekies.

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TR should have to pay me for this, but here goes

by jdclyde In reply to DC Guy: You are correct

TR has evolved to a place for TECHS, instead of a JUST a place for tech.

In the dry "just the facts ma'am" sites, people look something up and leave.

Here, people hang around the water cooler, and exchange ideas.

Which is going to get more people to look at the pretty ads on the pages?

A freer environment also allows for people to feel more at-ease.

If people get out of line, the other members either ignore them, or chastise them at their leasure. If people get TOO out of line, THEN and only then will TR lower the hammer.

I like it that way. Let us play like mature adults. B-)

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More from a developer point of view

by onbliss In reply to TR should have to pay me ...

As a developer if I hit a hurdle, the first thing I do is search the net using Google. Usually I find some good articles or blogs which give me an idea (in many cases the actual code :-)) to solve my problem.
If do not get the answer, then I post my questions on specific forums to get an answer.

At TR, I was reading generic material about being a quality and professional IT person. I liked to read articles meant for Networking, Admin, Managers, Project Managers etc. But I never got the feeling of getting an advice from real life people (that is just me, I know).

I found very englightening ideas, thoughts, tips ...actually in the discussion boards than in those articles. I felt as if I was talking to a live person or witnessing people having conversations/discussion than reading a life"less" article. If I ever get into the management, I will fondly remember some of the contributions from the fellow members.

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Not to mention

by jdclyde In reply to More from a developer poi ...

I have found some of the members here know more than the people writing the articles!

The articles turn out to be a real hit and miss, and many are too generic to be of much value now that I am past the entry level. In the discussions, I can focus on exactly what I want or need to know.

And then there is the peer support. Can't say enough good things about that. :)

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The "one size fits all" or "bespoke"

by jc williams In reply to Not to mention

When I read most articles, like you JD, I find them to be the "one size fits all" type. I feel that this is due mostly to the media and their desire to provide interesting articles, without sacrificing valuable real estate. Also, they feel (the editors) that if articles become too technical, then it will reduce the number of readers due to the presumption that most are in the neophyte to somewhat knowledgeable range.

Of the handful of ones I have written, whole sections have been removed "for a better read" by the editors. Typically these parts are the less generic/very specific parts. Sometimes, if the article points out a "major" problem with one of their larger advertiser's product, the wording will be re-written to soften the effect.

Most of the articles that contain enough meat to really be worth the read are the ones that come in installments, and I don't mean just part 1 & 2. A major article on the pros and cons of a technology or product, are now contained in "white papers" and not found as an article anyway.

If you want help on a subject, it will not be found as an article, like back in the 70's when Dr. Dobb's Journal was more like a newsletter than the glossy mag it is today. I could read an article on Pidgin and get the source code and how it worked, etc. where today, if there was an article on a language like Pidgin, it would be more like a advertisement than containing any really useful or pertinent content.

I say, let the masses ramble and keep it unedited, unless some dunderhead makes racist, crude, irresponsible remarks. Then, it should not so much be edited, as the person making such remarks should be censored by their peers or, if really offensive, banned (although we all know that it is really, really, really hard to make a ban stick).

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by jkaras In reply to 1st Amendment

I'm not sure I get where you are going. They remove questionable material. They dont however determine whether it is a good thought or not. They ban subjects like curse words, child brutality, and so forth. Subjects like Atlantis is still here on earth and they are controlling our leaders to create a cattle society is a stupid comment or thought, but they are not going to read every post to determine what is good, bad, or otherwise. What hits their moderator filters and complaints works just fine. He who has the gold makes the rules, and theirs are just fine in my book.

Who do you feel could judge objectively not being offended by some post of this, that, or the other? Conversation is based off good and bad ideas that seek and ferret out the truth. The people engaged are responsible for not only what they say, but how they interpret what others are saying. Sorry no easy button is applicable. If something is stupid or crazy most people can tell fact from fiction, if you cant well sorry about your luck, lol.

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Re: ?

by say2joe In reply to ??????????

I don't think it's difficult nor is it problematic to discern fact from fiction or (as is applicable to my comments) mindless or overtly biased banter. I simply don't want to wade through aphorisms, such as my own, as replies, to get to something more substantive. Also, it takes twice as long to read through a reply, such as yours, that is poorly written (from a grammatical standpoint) than one which is well thought out and proofread. My intent was simply to say that, perhaps, we can all aspire to higher personal standards but a medium such as this web site might be better served by a bit more moderation and editorial control, for the "greater good" of everyone.

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