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2 PC's w/2 Nics Each

By ehood ·
I have 2 pc's that are on the same network. They have to pass very large files between them. To keep the traffic down, can I have one nic in each pc talking to the normal network and the other 2 nics talking to each other without making a bridge or is this the definition of a bridge? Data between the 2 will be all that is passed. Nothing from outside of these 2 pc's will be using this connection.

From what I read on bridges it doesn't look like what I want.


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A bridge joins two subnets

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to 2 PC's w/2 Nics Each

You can get a PC to do this, though it's not a particuarly efficient solution. What you describe is what I imagine you required, a private network between two PCs.
So you configure the extra NICs to be on their own network, a couple of static IP addresses outside your normal range and their own subnet mask.
If it's set up right using the specified addresses only the two chaps in question should get a reply from a Ping.

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by djameson In reply to A bridge joins two subnet ...

I think what you are asking is can you connect the computers to each other, and transfer files over a dedicated nic but still use the other one to access the internet? the answer is Yes, but... unless you are running a SATA drive and some big machines you won't see any benefits from doing this, to do this pick a subnet that isn't used on your existing network and setup your computers with addresses one away from each other. then you have to modify your hosts or lmhosts file and list the new nic address from both machines. That makes it so it will resolve the new private addresses, then you will need to use a crossover cable between the two.

make sure you don't use a gateway address on the 2nd nics, also it would be better if they were Gb, but you have to have a backplane and disk to support it.

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May I ask a simple question?

by beads In reply to 2 PC's w/2 Nics Each

What kind of NICs are we talking about? I am sure that you're using 10/100 Ethernet cards but if these files are truly that enormous that your saturating something like 100MB for a long period of time, try this. Add two 1GB ethernet cards, skip the concentrator and use any standard CAT 5e or CAT 6 patch cable and dedicate the cards to that purpose only. This is likewise assuming that the two machines are atleast in the same room as well. Or atleast close enough to use a patch cable.

As stated above save the "normal" cards for actual network traffic. Depending on how you set up the cards you could inadvertantly create a bridge but that seems like more work than it would be worth. Just use a different subnet and don't let them talk to the outside net.

- beads

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by gralfus In reply to 2 PC's w/2 Nics Each

Are they near each other (within 328 feet or 100 meters)? If so, you can just use a crossover cable between them and never burden the network at all. Just configure the NIC on each computer to have a static IP in the same range and a matching subnet mask, and you should be good to go. I'm assuming you are running Windows 2000 or XP. I've not configured dual NICs on anything else, though it can probably be done in Linux as well.

If they are not near each other, then you will still have to get the files through the network, albeit on a different subnet. If the concern is bogging down other users' connections, you'll need a different "pipe", so to speak, so that these two talk on their own connection.

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by ehood In reply to 2 PC's w/2 Nics Each

Thanks for the responses. They all confirm what I thought. I just need the time to get it setup.

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by beads In reply to Nics

This is one of those questions that are so "simple its difficult..."


- beads

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