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2000, Gateway needs new Video Adapter,can't find!

By rivrbyte ·
Ok...everytime I (TRY TO) help my friends with their computers sometimes things happen. The same friend we have been talking about with the video/sound card issues....It's a Gateway from his work,which they gave away a few years back. ( Manufactured in 7/2000) Pentium III / 200 WATT PSU / 256 SDRAM / 550 MHz / 100 Frint side bus / AGP Nvidia TNT2 Riva 64 / Windows98...(they did give him a Startup disc or a OS CD with it,so we are bassically using the same Operating System,with no support, that should have came with it). Anyway, he called me up to tell me that he was only seeing 16 colors 640x480. I tried to download that Nividia Unified driver which I copied to the his hard drive,but a Error message came up that it could not install because it can not find the nivida chip to make that device work.
I went to gateway chat to talk with a online tech, he told me the AGP is 1x and today's software does not support it,so I would need to buy a Jaton GF FX 5200 PCI card for 85.00!!! he said that would be the only card this system can use. I almost bought a Diamond 7000 128,but he said that would not have worked....OR just buy a new computer. Well, they are not gamers,just want to use their AOL which needs 256 colors to operate.I know they paid nothing for this puter,but he is having a Hip replaced and 5500.00 dental work,so Money is hard to spend for a new computer.
If there are not any cards out there to use with this system, (at a low price) this is a Gateway,is there any reason why I (if he came into some money) just to replace the motherboard and start over again,since we already have the keyboard,mouse, printer,and monitor? I would like to know.

Before I called Gateway, I did everything imaginable you guys told me to do,remove Graphics adapter in Device Mgr,shut down, remove card,reboot, shut down,and reinstall card and tried to install driver....This system does not have onboard video,so I could not see anything on the Monitor while the card was out) I also got a yellow exclamation mark next to PCI MULTIMEDIA device.

On the sound, speakers are on, connected,nut there is no volume control on task bar,I went into Accesories> Entertainment> Volume control, and it doesn't look enabled. Also went to Windows SET UP and in MULTIMEDIA the volume is checked on. Is it possible,it is in the wrong IRQ?

Thank you once again for all your help. And if buying a new MoBo is an option, can this work? I'll have to buy more memory, of course,but Can I use my old Pentium 4 celeron 2.0 s478 on this board?
ECS 648FX-A SiS 648FX Motherboard

Intel Solution Motherboard - Socket 478:
Outpost #: 3798456
Chipset: SiS 648FX
Processor Support: Intel Pentium 4 upto 3.0GHz ( 533/800 FSB)
Memory Support: Up to 2GB PC 3200 DDR DRAM
Expansion Slot: 1x (8X) AGP, 5x PCI,
Other Features: 6.Ch Audio, USB 2.0 .....................On sale 30.00!!!

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A few quick ideas

by jdclyde In reply to 2000, Gateway needs new V ...

Drop an old PCI card in it. You can get them at a computer store for about $20 to $40 for something low end.

Check with fellow techs that have old parts laying around. May be able to trade for a card.

Your best bet is the PCI though. That agp isn't worth filling for what it will cost you, esp for what the computer is needed for.

good luck.

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Try this site for drivers

by AV . In reply to 2000, Gateway needs new V ... and choose driver list. Try to find a different driver.

It might help to install a different driver, but anything generic is going to have the same problem. Some drivers just don't recognize the Nvidia chip and you can't get the resolution needed to run some applications.

I think jdclyde has it right. Go with a regular PCI card instead of AGP. On an old PC, its better to take that route instead of trying to make it into something it could never be.

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The motion has been seconded. All in favor say "Aye".

by Absolutely In reply to Try this site for drivers

It's unamimous. PCI for the low graphics performance required for this application.

Balls, I hate agreeing with jdclyde, but this time you're not wrong.

About that ECS motherboard, what was that, a joke, you're only asking $30? Is that a signature file or what?

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Thanks, I think....

by jdclyde In reply to The motion has been secon ...

Blink squirel found a nut? B-)

And I think you have agreed once before. Gets easier every time! :^O

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