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32 Hrs. since my last cigarette.

By tbragsda ·
My smoking buddy will be in very soon. Anyone got any advice how, or why I should make it through today.

I?m acting very strange. I don't know if I should be allowed around the office right now.

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by ippirate In reply to 32 Hrs. since my last cig ...


I quit just over a year ago. It's gonna be rough but it is well worth it.

I can taste food again
I sleep better
I feel better
I don't get sick(headcolds, sinuses, allergies, etc.) anywhere near as much
I can actually smell supper cooking
No more butts on the ground
The list goes on and on

Keep on, get the gum, get the patch, get the pill, get whatever it is you need but keep going. The hill is steep but it is worth it.

Don't berate yourself for the habit or for desiring it, shift the desire into something constructive and move on. Don't dwell and don't feel bad or weak because you want one. Just don't give in and keep your objective focused. To quit.

Things that helped me quit

Water, by the gallon
Crunchy vegetable foods, carrots, pickles, etc.
I treated myself for making it a week, a day, an hour, etc

Stay away from the alchohol and the really fatty foods for a while if you enjoy them, they impact negatively.

Hope it helps and yes, today it is all the more worth it.

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by tbragsda In reply to Press

Just finished tossing my desk upside-down looking for a match. Funny thing is, it was the activity of looking that I was obsessing about, not finding them and smoking. Like if I could find a match, I would be near smoking.

Can't type worth a dam right now.

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OK. I broke.

by tbragsda In reply to 32 Hrs. since my last cig ...

This realy sucks.

My head is spinning. From smokeing, and not smokeing. I can't do anything.

I really should not be working.

Just went to a mtg, Im sure I made no sense. It was with the CEO, he knows Im trying to stop. We are talking about next qtr MBO (goals). I think I may have said "fire me!"

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Just *breathe*...

by Salamander In reply to OK. I broke.

...sometimes just breathing is the best that you can do in a situation. I always try to tell myself that as long as I can do that, everything will work out all right. Because breathing is the most important thing in any situation, right? Try to concentrate on listening to that sound to the exclusion of the mental chatter. Don't do anything else for awhile, just that, and try to stop *thinking.* A significant part of any craving is obsession.

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by tbragsda In reply to Just *breathe*...

Im fighting OCD. Obsessiveness is part of my problem.

I don't want a patch, or the dam gum, I don't its the physical part thats killing me. I may be loopie as **** right now, but I can live with that.

My keyboard is clicking soooo f*#@ loud right now.

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by Salamander In reply to Thanks.

Those of us who are fighting that have such a hard time keeping our minds *still,* not thinking anything, not doing anything, not worrying about anything, not playing the "what if" game. As flaky as it sounds, some of the meditation techniques that focus on empty-mindedness really even help with physical symptoms. And that worry does affect your body, and vice versa.

May help, may not, in your situation:

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It's also a great way to kill basic headaches!

by Oz_Media In reply to Just *breathe*...

An old Japanese wise man taught me this when I was young. (OK, he was an old Chinese salesman where I worked as a teen but he seemed like confucious to me )

Sit in a dark SILENT room and do the same thing while trying to mentally picture your headache, usually feels like a big dark blob in your skull, rotate the blob in your mind while listening ot your breathing. YOu then keep rotatng the blob in your mind and try to really visualize it, it will seemto change color to white and becomes smaller and smaller and smaller until it disppears like a jawbreaker.

Open eyes, headache gone almost every time. (I used to get chronic headaches from a nasty whiplash case, this was a lifesaver).

It is wierd at first but once you get the hang of it, you can kill most headaches in minutes.

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I will try this...

by Salamander In reply to It's also a great way to ...

...thanks! Not like there aren't enough work-prompted headaches to try this on! In fact, I see one coming down the hall right now with a change request...urk.

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Bah just quit dude

by Garion11 In reply to 32 Hrs. since my last cig ...

The first week is the hardest week you will ever go through. Everytime you want a craving, do 10 pushups and 10 situps. No complains, no excuses, if you really want to quit you will do this. After the first week, DON'T EVER EVER SMOKE even one cigerette, otherwise its back to the huff and puff. Good luck.

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I tried that

by Oz_Media In reply to Bah just quit dude

I figured that would be the best way (sit ups push ups). I figured not only would I quite smoking but if it was hard enough, I'd be in better shape too!

So I'd crave a smoke, drop and do 20. THen I'd huff and puf back to the couch noting if I was out of breath and for how long, I figured it would be a great way to prove how I was breathing beter as a result of quitting.

Then I'd light a smoke.

I am a clockwork smoker in the sense that I have certain times when I smoke more or less, at home most of the day I will have two or three, in the evening 10 or more.

When I'm tired, bored, confused etc. I light up.
When wiating, I light up. I have specific times and places each day where I light up, first thing I do after boarding the ferry, hit the deck and ligt up. First thing I do when I wake up, light up.

Smoking sucks, that's ONE area where I wish I was American. I hate the taste of American cigarretes, even Canadian smokes sold in America are diferent than those sold in Canada but they are SO DAMN CHEAP!!!!

In PH the gas station is at $8.50
In Vancouver from $7.75 - $9.50

And HERE's the kicker, at a bar a few weeks ago I went to the machine with 10 bucks in change (10 loonies) only to find out I neede to break another $5, they were $11.50 a pack!!
So I grunted and groaned, they didn't have my brand but I paid up like a faithful Canadian anyway.

To top it all off, our packs out West are 20 packs! 25's are REALLY expensive!

But hey, there's nothing wrong with helping the government make a few bucks, maybe it'll help!

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