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5 Signs that you have TOO much money

By BFilmFan ·
Take a look at some of the whacked things people spend money on:

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Sheesh...and I thought I was doing ok.

by MirrorMirror In reply to 5 Signs that you have TOO ...

Now I feel downright poor. Must be nice to have that much money. Of course, there is money rich and there is life rich. I would sincerely like to try the money rich thing once. <sigh> I wonder if those people are truely happy.

I'll have to settle for having 1 satisified husband, 3 happy and self-sufficient kids, 2 happy (and spoiled) cats, 1 really cute rabbit and 2 fat mice (in cages, of course). I can buy my groceries without cutting coupons. I have enough money to buy decent clothes for the family. We have a decent house to live in. I drive a 10 year old car that still gets over 30 mpg. We take a vacation every once in a while. We live the American dream.

I have been so poor that if we did not have family to help us out, we would have been living in a shelter. I have made my share of financial mistakes. But, I learned from those mistakes and have done well since then. We are actually needing to start visiting with a financial planner to help us stash enough money so that we are never a burden to our children.

Now, if I could only win the lottery....Oh, you have to play to win that? Now I will never get to buy my kids their own sport cars! Sheesh!

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Ahhh - The thought of the lottery

by DMambo In reply to Sheesh...and I thought I ...

Yeah, I also have all that rich-in-love-and-that's-what-counts thing going, but it's worth the buck (tax on stupidity) for the Powerball ticket, isn't it? I like to get mine as early before the next drawing as possible to maximize the fantasy of what I'm going to do with the $100 million or so WHEN I win it.

First thing will be to give my sister-in-law half a million or so to prevent her from asking for money every couple of months. Second will be to buy my mother-in-law a nice house and get her out of the second floor walk-up she's in. She deserves it. Third is to get the roof of the church fixed. get the idea.

Somewhere on that list will be to buy my wife a big diamond ring to keep her from having to pay attention to those "Diamonds are Forever" commercials around Valentine's day and Christmas. Might even drop $300 - $400 on that thing.

This week I match the winning numbers!!!! You'll be able to hear the screaming coming from Casa Mambo!

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Diamonds, the big scam

by JamesRL In reply to Ahhh - The thought of the ...

So just who decided that diamonds are the ultimate token of love and that you don't love someone unless you shower them with diamonds?

Debeers, the largest diamond company in the world did.

A coupld of hundred years ago, no one would have thought twice about exchanging plain gold bands.

No freaking way I am spending a months salary on a rock. My wife and I both agree the money is better spent on the house.

The most expensive token I've given is a $250 cameo of a mother and child that I gave to my wife when our first child was born. That was appropriate. She lost it.

If I won (and Canadian lotteries never get to over 32 million, but it is tax free), I'd set aside enough for my close family that they would have a monthly income that would pay for a mortgage, heating and food. Not luxurious mind (I have a big family), but enough to be comfortable. If they want to live in luxury, they can go out and earn it.

I am far from rich financially, but I have a wife and three great kids. I consider myself pretty lucky and wealthy in non-montary terms.


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Not to mention

by DMambo In reply to Diamonds, the big scam

that the diamond industry treads on the backs of the people where the diamonds are mined, those most in need. They seriously do nothing more than enrich those who are rich already. But my wife has swallowed it hook, line and sinker. It's her only real fault in my eyes.

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by MirrorMirror In reply to Diamonds, the big scam

Diamonds are an extravagance. By giving them to your wife as an extravagant gift she knows that you love her to the point of doing something out of the ordinary. You can always do something else that is not as expensive as diamonds to get the point across.

For instance, last month I was very stressed over a variety of reasons and was in tears. The worst was that I thought that one of my beloved cats was going to die (the cat is fine now) and we could not go to our families houses for Christmas. You have to understand that I do not cry easily, so this was a big sign that I was having a bad time with everything. My husband went to the grocery store to get milk and returned with flowers. I was so greatful that he thought of me enough to get something as unnecessary as flowers that I cried again. This time it was a good cry. But, it was an extravagance that he almost never does for me. It meant everything.

Now if I could just get him to stop leaving his clothes on the closet floor. Maybe I need to get him some flowers to remind him? Naaahh! He'd rather have a six pack of Corona.

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by JamesRL In reply to Diamonds

My wife and I are in total sync. We don't need the extravengence. Honestly if I had 2000 sitting around, and I used it on diamonds and not on a retirement fund or for the kids education, my wife would think me stupid and ask me to sell them.


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by MirrorMirror In reply to Ahhh - The thought of the ...

Hey, Mambo! What numbers are you using for the lottery???? Not that I would steal your numbers. Not me! Never!

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Always quick picks - always

by DMambo In reply to Ummm...

I buy my own Powerball tickets, but we have a consortium here at work that each puts in a buck when it goes over $50 or 60 million. The fantasy of 18 of us all not showing up for work one day is almost as good as the one of winning it all for myself.

BTW - I do quick picks. If I had a set group of numbers, it would kill me when it came up on a week I didn't play.

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Life poor

by jdclyde In reply to Sheesh...and I thought I ...

is a good description for the four nanny family with the many personal assistants to take care of the kids you can't be bothered with.

But that is what happens when money and more money is more important than a real family and spending time with them.

These "rich" are very "poor" imatations of people and parents.

Not for all the money.

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Some relatives of my wifes

by JamesRL In reply to Life poor

He is a VP at an environmental engineering company(travels constantly), she was a VP at an ad agency.

Hired a nanny to take care of their kids. Long hours for both of them. Nanny was Portugese, kids learned Portugese, start to speak it as much as english.

Kids' grandmother comes to visit, the kids relate more to the nanny to the mom. Wise old grandmother imparts some words of wisdom.

She choses to build a home office, and set up her own small ad agancy out of her house. She still has the nanny at home, but she is there for them.

In my eyes they went from poor to rich.


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