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88,399,953 is a VERY big number

By Nathank · has put together a site to track every single identity theft incident since February, 2005. As of today, there have been over 210 separate incidents reported and 88,399,953 people affected. Yes, in the past 18 months nearly 90 MILLION (may I emphasize the MILLION) people in this country alone have been affected by identity theft. 90 MILLION is nearly 1/3 the population of this country. Many types of personal information lost has included:

* Names
* Phone numbers
* Addresses
* SSN?s
* Credit card numbers
* Checking account numbers
* Mortgage information
* Payroll information
* Photos
* Dates of birth
* Fingerprints
* Medical histories

The site is

Seriously, how long are we going to wait until we really take it upon us to protect ourselves with maximum effort. Once again...90 MILLION affected...

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Um... Question?

by Mickster269 In reply to 88,399,953 is a VERY big ...

"Seriously, how long are we going to wait until we really take it upon us to protect ourselves with maximum effort. Once again...90 MILLION affected..."

You make the claim that 90 Million people have been "affected". Please define "affected".

For example, I am a Veteran of the US Army. Recently, as you might have heard, some of my personal information collected by the Veterans Administration may have been compromised.

I recieved a letter from the VA informing me of the incident, and what steps (if I didn't already know) I should take as a precaution.

Now, have I been "affected"?

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Could be

by Nathank In reply to Um... Question?

Good question...what does "affected" really mean.

In my case, affected means someone has breached security systems one way or another and whereabouts of the data are unknown. In your case, it is likely that your data is on that laptop, but it is unlikely that the person will be able to use/sell all 26.5 identities on there.

Of course 90 million people have not had their identities stolen and people are charging thousands of dollars to their credit cards, but the data has been lost on 90 million people and something could potentialy come about from it.

To summarize, yes, you have been "affected" because your information was stolen and CAN be used for identity fraud. I hope of course that nothing has happened yet and that nothing will come about from this but we can not be 100% sure.

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Then, with that definition, I agree.

by Mickster269 In reply to Could be

I have been affected, because now I have reason to pay attention to my bank accounts and such for reasons not of my own making.

It's one thing to pro-active about the release of your personal information (online banking/purchases, getting a credit card, etc). It's another to be re-active because of something you had no control over.

My next question would be, how many specific individuals have been affected? Is that 90 million individuals, or 90 million instances of data theft.

I imagine, from reading that list, it really must suck to have been in the Navy right now.

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I've got the solution for that.

by TonytheTiger In reply to Could be

"people are charging thousands of dollars to their credit cards"

Get about 50 credit cards and max them out. Then nobody will WANT your identity :)

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I?ve thought along those lines too

by OnTheRopes In reply to I've got the solution for ...

Some identities have to be negative assets. ?There he is boys! Finally caught the sumbeech!?

That would be too funny. I'm waiting for that kind of thing to show up at

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Same question

by tryten In reply to Um... Question?

I recieved the same papers from the VA. The papers also stated that some of the stolen data included spouses information. This could easily bring the 26 million up by several MILLION. Do these reported numbers include the VA and their spouses. This is important information that should be passed along with these results.

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Includes spouces

by Nathank In reply to Same question

I am pretty sure that the 26.5 million includes spouses.

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But wait, there's MORE

by Tig2 In reply to 88,399,953 is a VERY big ...

This count only goes back to Feb 2005. I would be interested in seeing a count since 2002 when it was MUCH more difficult to report and there was little to no protection in place.

Teaching the average end user to protect themselves is difficult at best. You might understand the need in your workplace but can't translate the need to your home computer. Since your bank, creditors, and just about everyone else is encouraging you to pay on line, the average user is really unaware of how much of their personal, non-public info is really stored on a hard drive.

From a business perspective, it runs hot and cold. Sure, there are requirements to manage to but not enough buy-in for the spend to get robust projects off the ground. Living in the violation zone is often referred to as "the cost of doing business" even though it may generate a reportable event.

I don't know what the answer is. I do know that it must be mandated that the individual is responsible for protecting their information when it is in their possession. Equally, business must be held responsible if the breach occurs while they are in possession of an individual's data.

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88 million - The amount of money the government spends every 30 minutes. .

by maxwell edison In reply to 88,399,953 is a VERY big ...

....on domestic social programs.

(Sorry, I couldn't help myself.)

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Yes you could

by OnTheRopes In reply to 88 million - The amount o ...

you didn't want to though.

Blog it all Max. What was that I said? Blog it all? Yup! That's what I thought I said. I'm not telling you to, uh uh, I'm asking you to. I don't mean blog here at TR either. Come here to cool down. Blog on the Web to heat things up. Use your TR alias if need be.

I'll predict that you'll have a rather large web page hit count in no time. You can safely play against the Class A varsity big boys, you aren't a second string player, so get in the big game and whoop on 'em!

Hut 1, Hut 2, Hut 3...

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