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9 days and counting Jessie

By jdclyde ·
For those of us following the exploits of TR Member Jessie, it is now NINE days and counting till there is one more future geek walking the earth! What a cool thing!

As when it is time, IT IS TIME, and you will not be up to posting her before heading in, your assignment is to post in here EVERYDAY until THAT day! The day you don't post will let us know! Is that a plan or what? I also assume it won't take your webmaster hubbie to add the latest edition to the "cutest kids" page????

Best of luck!


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it's a future

by Jaqui In reply to 9 days and counting Jessi ...

geek / geekette right now, in nine days it will be a geek / geekette on the planet

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How about this Jessie?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to 9 days and counting Jessi ...

Forget Gadgetgirls request to know after your home and part way recovered How about taking a LT & Web Cam and putting the birth live on the Internet for everyone at TR?

At the very least after the delivery you can Peer Mail me from your bed with the outcome but get in before the drugs have worn off and while you still feel high as a kite after that time you'll not have the time available to play on a computer so I want to know ASAP!

Perhaps something like when our last was born will happen after the delivery the Midwife placed a set of locking forceps on the cord and then proceeded to pickup a pair of scissors to cut the cord and she got most adiment when I suggested that wasn't such a good idea she got all uppity and insisted that she knew what she was doing and I didn't have a clue so she cut the cord and ended up being covered in fetal blood. It was then that I told her that she needed a second pair of locking forceps on the cord and then cut between the forceps. :)

But at least she cut the right side and only had the contents of the placenta cover her.


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I am sure

by jdclyde In reply to How about this Jessie?

it is MUCH easier to laugh at her NOW than when she first did it!

Some people just forget the basics, and get indignant if a "novice" tries to tell them ANYTHING.

Oh but the look on her face!

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Well actually

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I am sure

I was laughing at the time.

Col ]:)

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STILL here...

by Jessie In reply to 9 days and counting Jessi ...

I still say they're much easier on the inside... but I'm ready to not waddle anymore.

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I suppose that the

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to STILL here...

Back pain and needing to go pee every 2 minutes doesn't help either right?

Col ]:)

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by Jessie In reply to I suppose that the

I've been seeing my chiropractor regularly so my back doesn't hurt any more than usual, and she's carrying pretty high so I don't have to pee all that often. However, my pelvic ligaments are seperating and that makes sitting/standing/laying/rolling over in bed/getting up EXTREMELY painful.

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Think you will make it to monday?

by jdclyde In reply to Actually

Have you typically been early, late, or right on time in the previous "sessions"?

Just wondering if you will be smiling or waddling when I get back from my trip. :)

Take it VERY easy until then! That is NOT a request!

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Who knows... but I hope not!

by Jessie In reply to Think you will make it to ...

Went to the doc today and conservative BGE (Best Guess Estimate) is that she's already over 9 lbs. If I make it to next Thursday, they'll probably induce on Friday. Which means, this weekend is going to be busy finishing up a ton of sewing projects, because it's the last "free" weekend I'm going to have.

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9 lbs!

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Who knows... but I hope n ...

Jessie are you sure that it's Human?

At that weight it sounds more like a small elephant. God I feel sorry for you as that is going to hurt coming out.

I hope you haven't run into any Greenpeace activists they'll probably try to roll you out to sea thinking you're a beached whale.

Col ]:)

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