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9 year old girl certified

By ITgirli ·

Well I guess I had better start training my son now. I wish my parents had been that cool.

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by The Admiral In reply to 9 year old girl certified

This backs up what I have been saying all this long. That the reason seasoned professionals are not needed is due to the innovative minds coming up.

I don't actually believe that, but it does put the question up in the air again is what value does certifications add when you have seasoned technical personnel who can not pass it and a nine year old who can?

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Hire for attitude and aptitude, train for skills

by JamesRL In reply to

I never look at certs as anything beyond a simple milestone. Certs mean you have been exposed to the material and can parrot it back. Doesn't mean that when you run into something not covered that you can troubleshoot your way out.

Its a milestone. I have a couple of team members with 20 years experience each in DOS/Windows based systems, and very experienced in NT/Server 2000/Server 2003. Neither of them have certs, and I don't really care if they get them. If they want them, I would support their efforts, but they don't need them to do their job.

I am not trying to take anything away from the young person - that quite an achievement. But it doesn't necessarily translate into real world success.


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James, I agree

by TomSal In reply to Hire for attitude and apt ...

Heck I've had my MCSE cert for nearly 6 years now..and you know what? I don't think I ever did/relied on anything I got strictly from my MCSE "training" EVER.

It has all been just doing the job that needs to be done -- good old experience. I also research on the net, with folks I know in the biz and I buy books...lots and lots of books to refer too.

Its almost a sore subject to me when I think how much money I blew on getting that cert and all the time (that I view now as wasted) many nights of free time, gone...BAH!

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Misposted, no text

by Oz_Media In reply to Hire for attitude and apt ...
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All Things Equal

by FirstPeter In reply to Hire for attitude and apt ...

All things equal I'd take a person with certification simply because it says that they a) took the time to learn the material and take the test, and b) they might be able to use that information at some point in their careers.

It's basically the same thing as a college degree - all things equal you take the person that showed they would stick with the good, the bad, and the ugly for four years. The degree doesn't mean anything in and of itself (most folks I know learned more in two years in the workforce than four years in college) aside from the fact that you "paid your dues" and didn't run from the hard work and sacrifice.

And like James not to take anything away from the person in the article, but the certification tests promote "in the box" thinking, which is okay in the real world but not ideal. They don't give points for "creative thinking" like you get in the real world when you do something out of the box. As James mentioned a certification doesn't mean "that when you run into something not covered that you can troubleshoot your way out.".

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Yes and No

by JamesRL In reply to All Things Equal

I do give points for having a cert, but I value other things, like customer focus and other "soft skills" more. Someone with aptitude can get trained on any skills or knowledge lacking but its hard to train customer focus.

A university degree on the other hand, in just about any discipline, shows some level of achievement, even if its about getting through 4 years. You may not learn something relevant about technology with a BA, but you do learn how to research, analyse, study, write etc. Can't say the same for an MCP.


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James I have to disagree with you here

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Yes and No

Almost every Under Grad that I've ever run across only did the course for the money at the end of it.

Granted there are a few who don't do this but even when I was at Uni the vast majority where like that they never questioned the Lectures but just blindly accepted what they where told as "FACT" that was impossible to be anything else even though it was clearly wrong to any half wit!

Everyone that I know with some Post Grad papers doesn't think that the time was well spent and all say that it was a waste of time and money as what they learned there was of no use to them in the work force but it did gain them bigger pay packets where they could get employment without being considered as Over Qualified for a job.

I know one Civil Engineer who when through Uni a long time after I escaped the place and he couldn't get a job in his field of study even though he was top of his class he now collects garbage for a living and has a side business of making sails which was more of a hobby that has taken on a life of its own now.

My own personal Degrees are nothing but worthless pieces of paper that only gave me the right to go out and start to learn my chosen trade once I had escaped the Education System.

While they do have some weight it is more likely to count against you because you actually have the things rather than be to your benefit. Anyway give me someone who has paid their dues every day of the week and I'll be happy with them every time.

Col ]:)

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by Jaqui In reply to James I have to disagree ...

so someone like me with no real formal education, only learning by opening book I bought and trial and error is better qualified in your opinion?

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Well Yes in my humble opinion anyway

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to oooh......

If you are willing to work and wanting to work and not one of those types who believe that the world owes you a living you would be winning Hands down every time in my books.

But then again what would I know? :)

I only ran several IT departments and have a couple of PHD's into the bargain my favorite one though I must admit is the one that Neil awarded me on the "Sexual Practices of New Zealand Sheep and their farmers!"

That one makes a lot more sense to me than those that I did on Mechanical Engineering, Electronic Engineering {before there where computers} and Applied Physics. While I can tell you a hell of a lot about Metallurgy, the way that computers actually work or Nuclear Reactors and other rubbish not a single one of those addressed anything at all that is involved in a current OS or the way that programs actually work. But if you want to know exactly what is inside a CPU I'm your man although it is a fairly pointless exercise as they either work or don't after all you can hardly repair one when it breaks can you?

But if you want to know all about P/N junctions and how they actually work I'll be able to put you to sleep through total boredom. :) I was once asked to give a 15 minute talk on a simple PNP transistor and 3 hours latter I was still answering questions it ruined the class for the guy that was actually running it and what was worse they wanted to keep me there talking.

Col ]:)

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by Jaqui In reply to oooh......

since I grew up on a farm, raising bacon on it, hard work ain't an issue.
you kind of learn that work is a part of life when ya have to shovel several dozen tons of crap every year...haul tons of feed.
( or be cruel and starve the bacon on the hoof )

even today, farm kids have thier head screwed on straight about work.
it's the suburbanites and city dwellers that don't have to work as much that develop the attitude of the world owes me a living.

most of the street kids are the worst for that attitude, pan handling ( spangeing in the lingo )
to support thier drug habit, getting free food from the charities offering it.

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