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A great use for old computers!!!!

By Jaqui ·
City offers new computers for old guns.

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Old guns

by Choppit In reply to A great use for old compu ...

Except that it's new computers for old guns.

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did you

by Jaqui In reply to Old guns

actually read the article?
a charity donated the computers, I bet they were actually older systems not brand spanking new.

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Unless I'm mistaken........

by Choppit In reply to did you

The article is titled "City offers new computers for old guns" and refers to them being donated by a "charitable foundation" rather than a charity. Nevertheless, if it actually reduces the number of guns on the streets it's a good thing.

Apology accepted

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something similar

by jck In reply to A great use for old compu ...

Some folks in Orlando for years were doing a thing called "kicks for guns"...which they would get a bunch of money together and shoe stores would sell them fashionable name-brand sneakers at a high discount.

Then, they would setup an agreement with the local law enforcement to have a no-questions policy and would trade any gun for a pair of high-dollar sneakers, and law enforcement would take the guns, do ballistics tests on them to make sure they weren't used in a crime. Then eventually, they would destroy all the guns.

It's a good idea. I like it to help get guns off the street.

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Sounds good for city folks

by HillBilly Tech In reply to A great use for old compu ...

But down south in the country, I don't think that would workout to good. Anything is worth a try to get idiots to stop shooting eah other. Maybe they should trade drugs for guns. That way they will have the guns sense they can't stop the drugs.

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