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A voice from Iraq

By jardinier ·
Last night in Australia we were privileged to watch an interview with Salam Pax, the "Baghdad Blogger."

This would be the closest by far to an unbiased account of events in Baghdad and Iraq from before the war and up to the present time. This man expressed no hatred or anger either toward Hussein or the liberators/occupiers. He just described his feelings and thoughts about the whole situation.

The transcript of this interview is not (at the time of writing this) yet posted on the website, but no doubt will be shortly.

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You're as premature as GWB

by Oz_Media In reply to A voice from Iraq

He Jules, I'm sure the comments were worthy of discussion but so far we are all left in the dark.

The website offers nothing for me to ***** and complain about, nothing to cheer on or anything.

SO therefore you are about as eager to jump the gun as GWB was in Iraq. Did they offer you something? Oil maybe? LOL.

Anyhow, keep me posted when ad if the full transcript is posted.

Cheers M8,

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Give it a rest Oz

by JimHM In reply to You're as premature as GW ...

Give it a rest Oz - or should we contact your better have about being pemature? Ha...

Have you seen the report - I guess you were Down under that night and seen it somewhere...

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OZ the transcripts

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to You're as premature as GW ...

Should appear there within something like 24 hours or at least that what's the ABC claim.


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Transcript still not listed ....

by jardinier In reply to You're as premature as GW ...

I can't answer that one as the trsnscript of the interview with the other guest on the same program, John Travolta, was posted immediately. However, for some strange reason, the interview is available in the Sydney Morning Herald archives.

Anhow they're making a film about Salam Pax, so you will learn about him eventually.

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