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"A wartime act of treason. . . . ."

By maxwell edison ·
Well, now that the truth has come out in the Joe Wilson flap, will all these anti-Bush and/or hate-Bush members come forth and admit their terrible mistake? Karl Rove, it was suggested by one "prominent" member of the media, is owed an apology. Neither President Bush nor any member of his cabinet had anything to do with it. It wasn't the pro-war people who leaked information, but rather it was from the anti-war side.

When one person suspected Rove, or Rice, or even Bush himself, of releasing classified information about a CIA operative, he was calling this a "wartime act of treason", and demanded that heads roll. Of course, he wasn't speaking of anti-war heads rolling!

The people who knew of this all along -- and they did indeed know -- including most members of the media, Democrat Senator Charles Schumer, Democrat Representative Nancy Pelosi, and others, knowingly allowed and/or participated in the public slander and libel of a sitting president, in an attempt to destroy him or his presidency, putting politics before principle, putting rhetoric before truth, putting political ambition before country, and ALL during a time of war, did indeed commit an act that's tantamount to treason.

How many people could be exposed for being SO WRONG? Post links to any messages posted by people who jumped on this "Joe Wilson" band wagon, expose them, and see if they will publicly retract their error.

Here's one to start with:

".....While it's undisputed that this was done in retaliation for Plame's affidavit.... But this was a wartime act of treason - done strictly for personal gain, and putting American lives in jeopardy. It's hard to think that one of those people could be convicted of treason, and Bush not be impeached.... There's still criminal charges to file against Bush and his insiders for treason (re Plame and Wilson)....."

Well, I suppose it's disputed now, isn't it Bucky? And yes, it is an act of treason. Who should hang now? And against whom should criminal charges be filed?

This (Joe Wilson) story is just one of many instances that will eventually come to light, and expose the real villains.

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Start with prosecuting editorial board of NYT

by Navy Moose In reply to "A wartime act of treason ...

Lets start with the editorial boards of the NY Times, LA Times, and Boston Globe.

Reuters, AP, and CNN can come soon after.

I'd better stop now and let others put their $0.02 in.

Navy Moose

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These people are SO transparent!

by maxwell edison In reply to "A wartime act of treason ...

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