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By Jaqui ·
danged HSBC "Celebration of Light" event starts wednesday.

250,000 people packing onto the beach to watch fireworks display.. wednesday, saturday, wednesday, saturday.

drunken fools by the time they leave.

hmmm, anyone got a few tonnes of tnt sitting around?
mining the beaches could be fun. ]:)

edited for typo and to add:

not a stutter, it's two wednesdays and two saturdays for the event.

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now now

by Shellbot In reply to aaaakkkk!!!!

don't be so naughty, they just trying to have a bit of fun :)

having said that..i can see why you'd be distressed. I suggest going somewhere else for the evening?

or put on your best outfit and go join em!

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its the "celebration of light"

by mjwx In reply to now now

Jaqui's a programmer, light burns him.

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pppsssst... you forgot..

by Jaqui In reply to its the "celebration of l ...

that I'm also undead.
adding the effects of bright lights on undead to the effects of bright lights on a programmer it could be very very scary. ]:)

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I wish

by Jaqui In reply to now now

I could go elsewhere.

unfortunately, I'm stuck dealing with the twits.

I want some tnt to reduce their numbers.

look ma, stupid people, they need to die. ]:)

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No TNT or dynamite available - but I have a contact

by Deadly Ernest In reply to aaaakkkk!!!!

who may be able to get you a Tactical Nuclear Weapon, now that would give them a blast of light they won't forget.

The question is "How much do you like, or dislike, dealing with the CIA?"

Hey, I'm only joshing, of course I'm only joking - you hope.

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by Shellbot In reply to No TNT or dynamite availa ...

only joshing..just joshing ya..

haven't heard those in absolute AGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

was all the rage when i was like 12 :)

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by maecuff In reply to aaaakkkk!!!!

No matter how tempting, you can't just go around blowing people up. Okay, physically, I am sure you are capable of blowing people up, but you shouldn't. Although, some people REALLY do need to be blown up, don't they.

I guess the bottom line is this, don't **** anyone up or you'll get in trouble. And even if you didn't get caught, you might **** up people who didn't deserve it and get your Karma out of whack.

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by Jaqui In reply to Jaqui

my Karma is right where it should be, in the karport.
[ and I ripped the bottom out of my karma so it stays there. ]:) ]

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In that case

by maecuff In reply to mae

I'd go see Wile E Coyote. I understand he has a pretty good supply of Acme dynamite. I'm not sure how it will work out for you, it never seems to go well for him.

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I agree with Robert heinlein in one of his statements

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Jaqui

And that statement could be applied here with a small adjustement. In the quote below, just change the word tax collector for the identifier of your choice.

In the book 'Time Enough for Love' Robert Heinlein makes the statement

"It's a crime to shoot at tax collectors, and miss."

Two others of his I like are:

"You shouldn't go around killing everyone who disagrees with you, it liable to get you talked about."


"When someone starts a sentence with the words 'It's none of my business but' you should punctuate the sentence there, politely but very firmly. No need to kill them the first time."

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