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By haryv ·
After reading very carefully this article I still have an one very important question in my mind:
What is the new information that we receive from this article?
Yes, it is true, that it is well written, and structured, but... still I do not see the new information in it. If the goal of such of writings is only to arrange in a more representative way the well-known things, I do not thing it worse the time to read it.
I hope I do not offense someone, but still, our time is too valuable to spend it reading articles with no new information in them.


Zack Varban

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Two cents worth

by timwalsh In reply to About "Choose the right t ...

Here's mine.

I'd be willing to bet that at least 50 percent of all technical articles are really a rehash of information that exists someplace else. If you happened to have seen in that other place, then it won't be new to you. If you haven't seen it before, then it obviously will be new. Unfortnately, you usually can't tell if an article is "worth" spending your time reading until you have read it. Just because a given article isn't "worth it" to you, doens't mean that someone else won't find it valuable. Further, maybe presenting old information in a different way might make it easier to understand for some of us.

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