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About the Carrot being offered for member profile updating...

By zetacon4 ·
Am I the only person who finds the offer of iPod minis totally un-interesting as a gimick?
I'm personally NOT updating my profile during this period so I am not entered in the drawing.
May I suggest offering something of interest and value to programmers and developers such as great books or other resource material to help us with our work? I don't want an iPod if given one! Not everybody thinks this stuff is the hottest thing since sliced bread!
Thank you for letting me air my opinion. I'm waiting for those amazing and very interesting comments to follow!

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by Black Panther In reply to About the Carrot being of ...

I was happy to do it for nothing - not sure if they would send an ipod to Australia.

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Am I the only person ...

by stress junkie In reply to About the Carrot being of ...

... that sees a connection between too many businesses, LIKE TR, collecting more personal information than they need and the loss of personal privacy.(My keyboard shift keys are starting to fail on certain keys like the question mark.)

The discussion forum just yesterday had a discussion started entitled "Your Privacy Has Been Violated".

I'm sick to death of businesses with no need to know my identity asking me my name, phone number, address, favorite color, hobbies, how many sheets of toilet paper I use, etc. when I want to do business with them. Pretty soon people will be asking for your personal information when you want to buy a hamburger. Why do you think McDonald's and Wendy's restaurants are now accepting credit cards. It's so that they can collect personal information on their customers. Why do you think that CVS and other retailers have "customer care cards" that offer you a few cents off of your purchases. It's so that they can track what you buy and when you buy it.

TR doesn't need to know my home and business phone numbers and if you read the TR policy on the use of this information it clearly states that TR will share that information with THEIR customers, i.e. advertisers.

I made a similar post some months ago in the feedback forum. Nobody commented. Apparently people are perfectly happy to have TR sell their personal information to anyone with a few dollars. Is it any wonder that identify theft is the leading crime growth category.

So go ahead and give out all of your personal information to TR and to Sears and to JiffyLube, but don't **** and moan when publicly accessible databases contain a complete profile of your entire life. Information aggregators like Lexis Nexis already know more about you than do the members of your own family and that information is for sale.

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Well they didn't get my address

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Am I the only person ...

or phone even though I did fill in the profile. If I win something and they want to mail it. I'll post it back. If it's an iPod thay can stuff it, I prefer my suppositories to be of a smaller dimension.

Why didn't they make it something useful like a memory sticks or a USB drive ?

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by jmgarvin In reply to Am I the only person ...

I give my business address and email. I let the corporate lawyers take care of it ;-)

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Member profiles

by sMoRTy71 In reply to Am I the only person ...

The reason we have built these member profile pages (believe it or not) is to provide a service to our members.

The basic idea is that your member profile data is helpful to you and to other members of the TR community. They can see what you're interested in, what technologies you are using and what you've said previously in the forum. A lot of our members wanted to be able to qualify who they are talking to.

For the member who maintains their profile, we are building a lot of new products and services that use that info to improve the site experience.

For example, if you create a Contacts list of other members you like, we can show you all the Post from your Contacts. This is designed to improve the efficiency of finding the posts from people you have identified as important.

Also, we are expanding the tagging features so that when you click on a member's interest, you can see other members who are also interested in that topic as well as discussion threads or technical Q&A questions or blog posts that share the same tag. Again, it's about making the site more efficient by relating more things together in one place.

In the future, we are planning on adding lots of other features that are based on the very minimal profile data (interests, technologies implemented) we collect. The idea is that the site and its features should be smart enough to figure out what things you might like based on what you've told us about yourself. I personally hate sites that expect the member to "build" their personalized view from scratch.

So, we on the Community team have no evil intentions in regard to your profile data. In fact, our philosophy within our team has been to not ask for any information that doesn't improve the user experience.

I hope that addresses some of your concerns.

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Party line ... no surprises here

by stress junkie In reply to Member profiles

I have confused the issue by talking about two things in this one discussion. I'm sorry about that.

The main point that I was trying to make overall in this discussion is the way more and more businesses want to collect information about their customers and the obvious correlation with the increase in identity theft. In that respect I have included TR as one of many businesses doing the same thing.

I took the opportunity to make a second point about TR specifically. This probably obscured the meaning of my entire post. The second objection that I have, specific to TR, is that the last time that I tried to download a white paper I was confronted with a personal data form which showed that I would have to provide my home and business phone numbers and my street address in order to download the white paper.

Getting back to my main point in this discussion, any business collecting information about their customers will say that they are doing that in order to provide better service to them.

As a computer support technician/engineer/consultant/whatever privacy and security issues are very much a part of the scope of my professional concerns. That is true about almost all TR members. Yet TR members appear to be as happy as any ignorant Ma and Pa Kettle to give over their personal information to whoever is asking for it. To me that says that even professionals whose job is focused in part on security and privacy don't understand or don't care about the problems associated with doing this. If any group should be expected to object to being asked for private information it should be computer support professionals. Yet this does not appear to be the case.

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Ah, I see

by sMoRTy71 In reply to Party line ... no surpris ...

I thought you were referring to the Community features (Discussions, Tech Q&A, member profiles).

The white paper directory does have a different requirement for access than what we do here in the Community features. And because I don't know all of the ins and outs of their policies, I will refrain from speculating.

I still believe that asking for what things you're interested in and what technologies you're using is very different from obtaining personally identifiable info.

I know you may not believe me; however, our Community team is focusing on using your profile data (interests, technologies and contacts) to build more useful features.


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There is a limit to what you give

by jdclyde In reply to Party line ... no surpris ...

Now I haven't seen where they ask for SS numbers, banks I do business with and the like.

Suppling name and WORK phone number is hardly a major security risk. Much less of a risk than when taking the family out for dinner and pay with a credit card which people do all the time.

If they ask for information you don't want to give, LIE like everyone else does.

I think your just stressing, you junkie. (I kill myself sometimes!)

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Profiles mysterious change

by j.lupo In reply to Member profiles

Today my profile changed and my current technologies section was empty. I don't know why it happend and I re-entered data. I guess that is one way to remove someone from the sweepstate/contest. Not that I believe it was deliberate.

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Stereo shop

by gralfus In reply to Am I the only person ...

I went to a stereo shop to buy some CDs, and they wanted my name and address, which I declined to give them. So no sale. Totally ridiculous. Store policy overrode the store making money. I will never shop at that chain again.

And then there are the websites that make me sign up just to get news (not even a place I can post). I finally decided to sacrifice a gmail account specifically for these sorts of pages. The only reason they would want an email account is to sell it to a spammer.

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