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absolutely hilarious!

By Oz_Media ·
Well, Oz not only screws up his typing but also botches his job too.

Now that I am back up off the floor, here's a REALLY stupid mistake I made this week.

Last week, I wanted to send a friend a copy of George Carlin's shows as well as Denis Leary special and a Rowan Atkinson Special.

So I burned a copy of my disks to a file and FTP'd it to my pressing agent in New Westminster to be copied and mailed out, no problem.

Monday I had a customer require 18 copies of a sales material disk I had made up (Power Points, AVI's, Whitepapers, Brochures etc. General product tools). I again finished up the file and FTP'd it to my pressing agent in New Westminster to be burned and mailed out.

Yesterday I received MY copy and a memo saying all CD's were mailed to the reps directly or to the office as required, perfect right?

about an hour ago, one of their reps contacted me and said THANKS FOR THE VIDEO? Is there supposed to be sales tools here too? I quickly grabbed MY copy and realized, when I had burned the image on MY end, I had left the George Carlin, Denis Leary and Rowan Atkinson files in queue to be imaged. When I created the 'sales' image it just queued the comedy stuff instead, the Sales Tools are still enqueue to be imaged. When I made the original Image, I was getting ready to leave the house and noticed the first TEST burn had finished, having NEVER had a problem with a CD image or TEST copy, I decided not to bother turning on a computer to ceck it and just started the FTP upload to the New West servers for presssing.

So in essence, I just paid my pressing agent to copy and mail out 18 copies of these VERY vulgar stand up routines to all my clients sales reps.

Oh my God, I'm gonna hit the floor agin now. Then I guess I better get the right ones done.

Well, that was MY day. Time for a paddle around the inlet and a beer I think.

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Blame it on Garion

by jardinier In reply to absolutely hilarious!

After repeatedly bashing your head up against a brick wall, trying to speak rationally to a person who cannot listen to reason, it is small wonder that you lost the plot for a while.

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Yeah I know,

by Oz_Media In reply to Blame it on Garion

Sometimes I need to fart to clear my mind.

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Well my biggest problem this week

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to absolutely hilarious!

Has been a total reload of my workstation and removing 2 SCSI HDD that just where not playing nicely at all one was testing perfectly but was invisible in XP and the other was slowing the thing down so much it wasn't funny but again it tested as perfect.

So after a full reload everything was working perfectly and I even had the network up and running which was a big deal as I've had problems with this unit ever since I installed the Beta version of SP2 which trashed this unit but is working perfectly on my test rig which is exactly the same except for having fewer SCSI drives.

Well everything was going great until I noticed after installing some MS patches/Hot Fixes that I no longer had any sound well at least not consistently as the rear speakers would give out a nice little sound on startup but nothing else. Its obviously that Sound Blaster sound card as MS could never cause this type of problem so I'll just have to rip it out and replace it with another one {Not bloody likely} and as it's only the sound I'll leave it till something worse

Oh then there is the new one that I've heard this week I've electronically transfered the money into your account when can you provide the computers? Well that was last Monday and guess what still no funds have arrived in the account so either the banks screwed up again or "The Check is in the Post!" But tonight after a 3 hour talk and a total destruction of the original quote and rewriting it I've at least got confirmation that the money has been transfered now all I have to manage to do is get the parts build the computers and keep on top of my existing work as this was supposed to be done three weeks ago.


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My biggest problem..

by maecuff In reply to Well my biggest problem t ...

is that we had a huge storm Friday night and an Oak tree fell on our house.

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My son had something a bit better

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to My biggest problem..

They had a storm over his way that brought down a tree onto the power lines. Now over here we have High Voltage something around 22 KV running above the normal mains which is 240 VAC and of course all of these wires are uninsulated so he had the 22 KV lines come in contact with the 240 V lines and feed 22 KV into the mains distribution grid which as I'm told was very spectacular. Besides destroying everything electrical that was connected at the time he was using one of my computers and he claims that something like 3 feet of flames shot out the back of the Power Supply actually setting fire to a curtain.

Well he put out the fire but didn't seem to want to tell me about the little problem with the computer no longer working and I really didn't hold out much hope for it either but a replacement Antec PS and it fired up and tested perfectly much to my surprise. I've since installed power filters in-line with the computer and I'm hoping for the best as the power company is claiming no responsibility for the event and while I don't really care about all the other things like TV's DVDs and video's at least my computer only required a new PS which I'm quite happy about.

Anyway I hope everyones all right and that no one was hurt in the fall as its a real pain dealing with insurance companies when things like that happen.


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by maecuff In reply to My son had something a bi ...

No one hurt, thank god. However, I still have a rather large tree on my house. They're bringing a crane today to lift it off.

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Hope they get it out without

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to nope..

Doing too much more damage. Things like that are a real pain when they happen aren't they?

I only hope that there hasn't been extensive damage done to the structure of the house as what can look like something confided to a somewhat small area can have devistating effects of the entire structure. Hopefully you'll not be put out too much but when things like that happen its almost always a never ending story of waiting and being mucked around while waiting for repairs to be finished.

Anyway I hope everyone isn't put out too much and that you are back in a "Happy Complete Home" AGAIN SOON.


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