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access denied to BOOTSECT.DOS and PAGEFILE.sys when using xcopy in win xp pro

By ewilliams ·
I'm currently try to upgrade the hard drive in a win xp pro system using the xcopy utility in win xp pro. but it denies access to the BOOTSECT.DOS and PAGEFILE.SYS which causes xcopy to quit. how do I go about gaining access to those files or what would be the best way to acomplish my goal getting the info from one hard drive to the other?

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by zaferus In reply to access denied to BOOTSECT ...

Xcopy <source> <destination> /r /y

/r overwrites read only files
/y overwrites without prompting (asking)

Optionally /c will continue even if errors occur.

However, if the bootsect and pagefile are in use you won't be able to overwrite them. If you did it would **** up the machine!


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by wcp In reply to access denied to BOOTSECT ...

There are at least two ways you can achieve your goal.

1. Boot your computer with Windows XP CD and choose Repair. You may copy those files using COPY command. But this assumes you know what files you need to copy. There are other files you cannot copy while you are in Windows. Those are Registry files; Default, SAM, Software, Security, and System.
2. Connect the HD as a secondary to a Windows 2K or XP computer with NTFS and use XCOPY command. I have used this method to image a HD A to a HD B for Windows 2K and XP. It is just like using Norton GHOST.

If you need more information, please add a comment.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to access denied to BOOTSECT ...

go to command prompt and type xcopy /? to see all the switches.
i used to use use xcopy /c /h /e /k /f /o /r to upgrade hard drive in older windows versions. now-adays i prefer to use the hard drive upgrade utilites that i download from the new drive manufacturers website. you used to be able to put a slave or second hard drive in your pc and use xcopy to copy windows 'out from under inself' from a command prompt. sounds to me like these guys are saying it still works. pretty neat trick, better than ghost as you get disks and file systems that are supported in virtual mode, with ghost you are stuck in real mode and fat as far as i can tell.
and just 2 more cents, pagefile.sys could have been recreated after bootup and bootsect.dos is not required to boot windows xp either, only there as fake dos boot sector for
if you want to boot win9x or ms-dos. see mskb for interesting info

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