Access issues

By luv2bike2 ·
ok I do not work in Access (2003) except to add a user and some minor stuff.
the problem i am having right now is:
We have a DB that is on the network that everyone accesses, and we have one
user who has the DB on her computer. Some how it is linked up to the one
that is
on the network. (i really don't know how that works but it is)

on the network there are files I'll call abc01.mdb file size is 1,256kb,
abc01.ldb file size 1kb, abc_be.ldb file size 1kb, and abc_be.mdb file size

on the users computer there are only two files, one called abc01.mdb file size 712kb
and abc01.ldb file size 1kb. the other two files that are on the network are
not on her computer.

When the user accesses the abc01.mdb file from her computer she can go in
and perform some functions that i am trying to get the abc01.mdb on the
network to do but having a problem.

one of the functions that she can do is open up abc01.mdb go to the location
that she can delete a document and when she closes out of there she does not
get an error message. When i open up the abc01.mdb file from the network and
go to the location to delete a document i get the message
Microsoft Visual Basic
Runtime error '2450'
Documentaion can't find the form 'frm_selectDocument'
referred to in a macro expression or Visual Basic code.

continue - which is grayed out, End Debug, Help.

I choose Debug and for a very brief moment i will see code pop up and than
go away.
the code that i see says:

Forms ! [frm_SelectDocument].Visible = True

i printed out the current project code from the Form design on both the
user's computer and on the network and found that line in both of them. it
says the exact same thing.

so i am now really confused. I don't want to copy her abc01.mdb and
abc01.ldb to the network because i am not sure what it will do with the
abc_be.mdb and abc_be.ldb.

I hope that someone can help me out here. If you need more information
please let me know.

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The local "client" references the DB on the network

by Fred123456 In reply to Access issues

It sounds like the mdb file being used on the local client is pointing and linking with the main datbase on the server.

This is done to off load work from the server to the client and provide a second level of security so as not to corrupt the main database.

You will probably have to change the links in the client mdb to point to the correct share location on the server to successfuly use that file when on that particular client.

Check the table links and see if they are based on a mapped drive letter or a unc.

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"client" Reference

by luv2bike2 In reply to The local "client" refere ...

Thank you very much for getting back to me on this... it may take some time but i will let you know what i find out.


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