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Accredited Green IT training discussion (this isn't an advert)

By steve.lawless@purplegriff ·
Is there any appetite out there for accredited Green IT training?

Should there be a Green IT Manager role?

Who is responsible for managing Green issues?

I would be interested in anyones views on the subject, positive or negative, and happy for the discussion to be expanded.

I'll also post this on a couple of other groups/forums, and if I get any comments I'll provide a summary of the feedback.

In anticipation of your comments...Thanks

Regards Steve

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The hardest part of this discussion will be getting a

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Accredited Green IT train ...

consensus of what constitutes Green IT.

Things like,

How far back do you go re the green aspect?

How far forward do you go with the green aspect?

What is to be counted?

You need to specify if you're looking at the green component of consumables with the system - eg printer cartridges, some have more waste than others; the green component of their manufacture; the green component of their actual usage; the green component of their disposal; and the life span. All these things affect the intent of the discussion.

Another important aspect is how do you weight this against budget dollars and performance capabilities.

Everyone of these questions will vary with the industry and the intended usage of the system.

And that's just the start to lay the ground rules for discussion.

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