ActMon-Pro, Teenagers and WOW --- help

By diane ·
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Hi guys,
I found this site looking through ActMon's reviews. I need some help.

SpyBot S&amp just helped me discover that ActMon-Pro (key stroke recorder) has been installed on my computer. All it found was a residual dll file, which is enough to make sad and angry, but not surprised. You see, our 16 year old is harmfully involved with World of Warcraft and we have been trying to wean him off through parental controls.

A search on the internet shows ActMon features prominently in some of the WOW forums, and emails to iOpus and ActMon have gone unanswered. My hope is that you can provide some leads on how we might:

1) Find out when and how the software was installed (local/network).
2) Figure out what information has been passed and to who
3) Detect and Uninstall this program this and other computers

Thank you so much in advance for any insight you can provide.


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...I think I am confused

by Pringles86 In reply to ActMon-Pro, Teenagers and ...

Did you download actmon in order to monitor your kid or not?

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The kid loaded actmon - we think

by diane In reply to ...I think I am confused

What seems to have happened is that shortly after we implemented parental controls on the World of Warcraft account, our teenager decided to put a keystroke recorder (Actmon-Pro) on our network to get the password to the parental account.

Actmon-Pro seems to be very proud of the fact that they are undetectable (we found out because SpybotS&amp found a dll called ZIPDLL.dll associated with the program). ActMon has not responded to our request to help us find and remove the software, and our teenager is sullen and as unresponsive as a captured terrorist.

The computer is used for a home office and has sensitive material on it.

ActMon is truly nefarious. It does not show up in task manager, the "add or remove programs" part of the control panel and is invisible to spyware and virus scanners. Microsoft detect does not detect it. The program files are given random names, and the log file is back dated so it cannot be found.

It's as bad as all that!

I'm hoping someone with some experience on these sorts of things can help us to get this off the computer, so we don't have to just chuck the whole thing.


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Actmon Uninstall

by genius_1980 In reply to The kid loaded actmon - w ...

Why don't you try to install the software again? During installation try "not stealth" option & then once installed, uninstall it to remove completely. As after non stealth mode installation, you can find it in add/remove program list.
best of luck

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You In Trouble!

by Kenone In reply to ActMon-Pro, Teenagers and ...

zipdll.dll is a freeware zip library, it considered to be a false positive and you need not be concerned with ActMon-Pro.
The false positive will be removed from the detection rules with the next update, please ignore the this zipdll.dll until then.

From, Team Spybot

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by JamesRL In reply to ActMon-Pro, Teenagers and ...

I would but another computer for your child, and lock it down tight, and then format your computer after backing up only your data files. Then lock it up so the child can't access it. If you have sensitive information on the computer I would encrypt it, if they can find out about Act Mon, they can find work arounds for many things. Fingerprint scanners for logging on might be appropriate.


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Here's the Link

by Kenone In reply to ActMon-Pro, Teenagers and ...
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You may both be confused

by IC-IT In reply to Here's the Link

the link you displayed shows zipdll.dll as a part of the Spybot install (and I verified this on my system).
Edited to add; the topic in your link is about this;
You may be entirely correct that the detection of "C:\WINDOWS\system32\Memman.vxd" as "SpyBossPro" is a false positive. I also realize that the detections of the file "Memman.vxd" has been identified as a false positives in the past.

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