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    Add Topic column to New / Hot Discussions pages


    by charliespencer ·

    Would it be possible to add a “Topic” column to the New Discussions and Hot Discussions pages? Sometimes the thread title chosen by the originator isn’t very descriptive. A Topic column would make it easier to determine the technical area involved and if it is of interest to the reader. It would also make it easy to know if the thread is Miscellaneous and safely ignored. It might even be worth including a little blowtorch or gas flame icon based on the “firestarter” tag.

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      Is that all?

      by stress junkie ·

      In reply to Add Topic column to New / Hot Discussions pages

      Hey. The TR developers can’t even find the time to turn the current post title, the one that you are reading, in a discussion orange instead of battleship grey, as I asked for many times over many months. So they will probably do everything that you asked for in the next week but still not make the current post title in a discussion thread any easier to find. But I’m not bitter. No. Really. I’m not. TR makes me cry. 🙁

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        Maybe it’s because…

        by wordworker ·

        In reply to Is that all?

        …they’re working on the online store so we can give them money for t-shirts and mouse pads and coffee mugs, oh my!

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        There, there

        by charliespencer ·

        In reply to Is that all?

        Now dearie, have a nice hot cup of tea and a good cry. TBS is showing “Steel Magnolias” again, so dig out that quart of Breyers.

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          You too

          by wordworker ·

          In reply to There, there

          I hope you have plenty of kleenex because you won’t be getting your Topic feature any time soon.

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          I’m not expecting quick action

          by charliespencer ·

          In reply to You too

          But if you don’t ask for it, you’ll never get it.

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          my philosophy exactly

          by wordworker ·

          In reply to I’m not expecting quick action

          That’s why I keep nagging at the powers (since 1999!) that be at TR to put up a stinking store! “They” — and they know who they are — are wasting a perfectly good opportunity to monetize this site.

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      You could be right

      by neil higgins ·

      In reply to Add Topic column to New / Hot Discussions pages

      I started a thread entitled “It’s just not cricket”,when talking about “servers”.Maybe instead of a blowtorch,or gas flame,I should have got a raspberry! 🙂
      I completly see your point.It’s idiots like me,who after too many ‘turbo shandys’,occassionally get carried away,and use silly titles.Of course,if a thread got very heated,maybe a ‘volcano icon’would be more appropriate.Some threads do tend to send people hot under the collar.Yes,I second your request.Any other takers?

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        Not picking on you

        by charliespencer ·

        In reply to You could be right

        Neil, what’s a “turbo shandy”? I’m assuming it’s some combination of alcoholic beverages (consumed by adults in a responsible fashion, of course).

        There are authors whose titles are always something like “well” or “maybe”, so it’s impossible to tell the subject. Some of them can make some good technical points, but there’s no way to filter their technical postings from the Misc. stuff. I’d like to avoid all the Misc. discussions if I can since those are mostly flame bait, and there are some technical area I’m just not interested in.

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          Your spot on

          by neil higgins ·

          In reply to Not picking on you

          with your post.Yes I know your not picking on me,I was just pointing out that I can be as guilty as the next man/woman,when choosing thread titles.I agree that like you I try and avoid “flame bait” as nobody wins in the end,and all that happens is that the original thread gets forgotten under a welter of “told you so”,or “your wrong”.Maybe TR will take some suggestions on-board in the near future.As we say at work,keep the punters happy.

          A “turbo shandy” is indeed a mix of alcoholic beveriges.Like the “Pan Galactic Gargalblaster” of Hitch Hiker fame,it can knock your socks off at parties.Any mix will do,just make sure you know where the nearest exit is if you over do it. 🙂

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