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Affect Hockey lockout will have on Canadian Birthrate

By jdclyde ·
The topic has come up often about the Hockey lockout. While Hockey was just starting to take off in the US, it seems almost a religion in Canada.

How are Candadians dealing with the lockout? Does it affect you? Have you just found other sports (or activities) to keep you busy? In two years it will be interesting to see if because there is less time spent watching Hockey, if there was more time spent making babies?

Will there still be a lot of Hockey fans left when the lockout is over or have you had enough with the whole thing?

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I'm a couple hours south of Canada

by jdmercha In reply to Affect Hockey lockout wil ...

But we still have pro hockey in our town. And we have college hockey on TV. We never had much in the way of NHL hockey on TV except for the pay channels.

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New League

by ATXStranger In reply to Affect Hockey lockout wil ...

At this point I am so sick of listening to the NHLers that I am ready to scrap it and start over. I have a minor league team down here which I enjoy greatly but I miss watching the big boys play. ESPN had a special section about starting a new league and I'd be all for it. Then let the owners and players who don't get behind skate on a pond somewhere.

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And a lot of it is just jealousy

by jdclyde In reply to New League

In Hockey, they look at the other sports like football and basketball and the wages they make and feel that they deserve the same multi-million dollar rate.

If there isn't the fan base to support that much of an expense, it is just stupid and greedy of them to pass up on the whole season like this. Many of the newer guys are getting killed over this because that was their shot to try to get in the door. What happens to them if they take a year off?

The wages should have to stay in check with what the revenues are. The league should make their own cap and just agree not to sign anyone for more than that. Let the players who want to play step up and play.

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The players aren't on strike

by Oz_Media In reply to And a lot of it is just j ...

In Hockey, they look at the other sports like football and basketball and the wages they make and feel that they deserve the same multi-million dollar rate."

The players aren't whining about more money this time, the strike is a result of poor bargaining over the last six years at least.

But in fact, they DO deserve MORE than NFL players do because of the number of games they play.

NFL REGULAR season = 16 games.
NHL REGULAR season = 80 games

So if I was playing more than 4 times the number of games than a football pro, including travel, I would expect a larger salary too.

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Salary cap is hanging point

by jdclyde In reply to The players aren't on str ...

From what I have been able to find, it is because the dumba$$'s that sign the players agreed to pay them more than they bring in during the season.

You only get a higher wage if you bring in a higher revenue. They aren't even breaking even. How many of your businesses have you kept going if you were below the break even point?

This isn't about what people are worth. They just don't have the revenue draw to justify what they want.

If you get more people attending and watching one NFL game than you do that of SEVERAL NHL games, you can pay the big bucks to the pretty football players.

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It's a management issue

by Oz_Media In reply to Salary cap is hanging poi ...

Players just want to go back to work.

As for lost revenue, that is easily mad eup to.

Orca Bay Management, OWNS GM place outright.

They also OWN the Vancouver Canucks.

They overcharge the Canucks for facility rental, it's a way of gereating internal revenue for your own company. Tickets are nearly $100.00 and are usually sold out for several games in advance.

BC Lions football club, these guys take the bus to games. They rent a larger venue, BC PLace, and pay less for it as it is a private facility NOT owned by themselves.

Tickets are $17 - $50.00 (only a few 50 yard line seats) but you can get in the first row of the 30 yard line for less than $20.00.

The entire uppersection of the stadium of closed down, all fans are on the lower level.

Believe it or not, they make money. The sport has grown again since the hockey games RIGHT NEXT DOOR cost double or triple the price, you sit farther away and the crowds are just too big. You pay $100 to sit behind some drunk with a big mouth?

The sport is lost in hockey, it is a game of management and dollars now. Sad really, and to think that as Canadiana we are supposed to have PRIDEn the sport?

Lacross has become the new focus now,the teams are extactic at the attendance and extra money made this season, and afterall, Lacross IS Canada's national sport, not hockey.

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Love the title

by house In reply to Affect Hockey lockout wil ...

Eventhough I am a die hard hockey fan, I have not missed the NHL at all. In other words - Please go back to work - if not, life goes on anyways.

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I guess their are plenty of other distractions up there

by jdclyde In reply to Love the title

We have been hearing much about the "peal joints" and darts in the pubs.

I have really got to spend my next vacation in Canada.....

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Don't come to Sudbury

by house In reply to I guess their are plenty ...

It is a barren "hole in the ground".

Although, there does seem to be a solid IT presence.

1) We have the largest VoIP network in Canada, beating even Vonage when it comes to Canada.

2) HRSRH (Sudbury Regional Hospital) has the largest IT infrastructure in health care and has been recognized as an leading example - the Provincial government is pushing other locations to consolidate their support into that of HRSRH.

3) We have one of the largest per-capita ratings in town when it comes to drug addiction and alcoholism.

4) Our mountains have a 1" layer of black crud from acid rain fallout from our Nickle industry.

5) Our trees are very young because the older ones have all been killed off from the mining industry.

6) We have a huge smoke stack that lifts the sulfur into the air, brings it accross the Great Lakes, and into your home Our job is to pollute the USA

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THat was a short trip

by Oz_Media In reply to Don't come to Sudbury

I breezed through Sudbury with a band in the early 90's, we did the Canadian Tundra Tour '92.

Sudbury, Sarnia, etc.

Every tiny little ditch we could book them in, which included many country bars where old men sat in the back staring at a heavy metal band as if the world had just stopped turning.

Those little tours are the most fun though. I've done the global tour thing twice and it's not what it's made out to be.

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