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After the fill ... Excel Autofilter Problem

By servio ·
Originally posted this as a followup to the thread "Two tips for filling in holes in your Excel data", as I thought it might be the solution. As it turns out, it wasn't.

The idea: use Autofilter to display only those rows in which a "0" appears in column A.

The problem: Autofilter does not work when setting a Custom filter.

The situation (simplified, but still produces the problem):
1. one and only one column spanning 92 rows (i.e., A1:A92)
- A1 = "Label"
- A2-A8 and A91 contain "na" (the letters na)
- all other cells contain "0" (a zero)
2. Autofilter. Select "0" from the blue arrow pull-down choices: bara-bing - all 83 "0"s appear
3. Custom Autofilter. Contains "0": aww shucks - only the "0"s up to and including the 89th cell are displayed (a total of 81 zeroes). Again, there are "0"s in A90 and A92.

<here's the part I love>

4. Custom Autofilter. Contains "na": yay - all "na"s are displayed, including the one that is in cell A91.

"Bobby, what in the h---'s going on here?"
Thanks in advance!

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