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Age difference

By Bob in Calgary ·
Wide open question Just interested in opinions

What is an "acceptable" age difference for a relationship? Assuming all parties are over 25.

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that's not fair.

by ITgirli In reply to Age difference

I'm 24 and I prefer men twice my age. It's what is on the inside that counts. Age means nothing.

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by Bob in Calgary In reply to that's not fair.

There was an reason for it, I'm 47 and met a girl 26 My daughter told me she was too young for me so I just thought I'd post the question.

Thanks for the response, That's what I figured too, but wanted to know others views.

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Your daughter

by jardinier In reply to Well

possibly feels threatened by your choice of a partner perhaps close to her own age.

If you have good communication with your daughter, perhaps you could ask her precisely why she is not in favour of your new, younger friend.

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by brightlightalmostwhite In reply to Your daughter

dat aint cool leave it alnoe

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by peachvonna In reply to hey
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My opinion

by DMambo In reply to Well

I think that a the answer to your question depends on what your intentions for the long-term are.

If you're enjoying each other, then go ahead and enjoy.

If you begin to make plans for years ahead, be aware that as she is just entering her senior years, the possiibility exists that she'll be caring for a slobbering old dude behind a walker.

If you get to the point that you are considering having children, seek immediate psychotherapy.

The age difference means little now, It could become a huge issue 20 or 30 years down the line.

Just my viewpoint.

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Kids is a big factor

by jdclyde In reply to My opinion

Many people want to have their own family. If she wants kids, is that something you are willing to go through again? I know that I have no intention of EVER having more kids!

If that long term isn't an issue or having kids with her isn't an issue, full steam ahead.

Start taking your vitamins!

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by ITgirli In reply to Well

My dad just had his 3rd divorce this summer and already is engaged again. This time to a girl not much older than I am. He's 45. It's his life and his choice. I don't have a problem, it's not my choice. Do what you want. Your child is no longer a child and what you do should not effect her.

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As far as age goes...

by firestar1 In reply to Well

I feel, so long as like you are saying, both parties are 25 and older, that it's actually up to the individual. Some people look and/or act older or younger than their age in actual years. Myself for instance. You would think looking young for your age would be a blessing, I suppose to a certain extent it would be. I am a few years shy of 50 and up until about 3 years ago the only guys who would approach me were in their late teens or early 20's. I am not, nor have I ever been interested in dating someone that much younger. I prefer someone my age or up to say 10 possibly 15 years older. As of late guys who are interested are more in the age range of mid 20's to mid 30's. It's hard to meet someone my age much less older because people think I am in my 20's. Curse or blessing?

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I have to agree, age is unimportant as long as y'all are happy

by Surflover In reply to that's not fair.

I have had several very fullfilling relationships with women 1/2 my age (and many in between)... but I will say it's most important to connect spiritually, not physically (although that's important too :-))... I have a very close girlfriend who I love to spend time with... She's the most intelligent woman I have ever known, and I would do anything for her... we're not intimate, and don't intend to be... and niether of us would have it any other way... (so you actually CAN have a girlfriend and be just FRIENDS :-))

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