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Ah there's good news - CBS is eating 9 million on Reagan Movie

By JimHM ·
Well - We "Right Wingers" - "Conservitives" - "Wacko's" - Did it...

Did you read or hear that CBS will not air the made for TV movie about the Reagans .. They are eating 9 Million in Production Costs... Say YES! The Truth Wins over Lies and "Artistic" freedoms...

I guess the few million EMails - Letters and phone calls to CBS - woke them up that they were pissing off their core viewers ... and their rating would belly them down to zip. Plus any advertisements would lose money because they would also be boycotted ... Yes - POWER TO THE PEOPLE ... FREEDOM OF CHOICE - SAY YES - FREE MARKET SOCIETY WINS ...

A Good Day for Conservatives ...

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Sorry 'bout that, Jim

by maxwell edison In reply to Ah there's good news - CB ...

I didn't see that you had already started this discussion before I started the other or else I would have posted to this. Oh well, more "Front Page" coverage, I guess.

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I am just waiting for Oznutcase to chime in

by JimHM In reply to Ah there's good news - CB ...

I am just waiting to hear from Oznutcase to chime in on this - he has been quite today...

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by TheChas In reply to Ah there's good news - CB ...

While the comments of individuals may have had some bearing on CBS' decision, I suspect that the main reason that CBS pulled the plug is that advertisers backed out.

There is a limit to how much controversy most companies will put up with and still place adds.
Since it is $$ and not viewers wishes that count with the networks, I believe the real reason is that in light of the bad publicity, CBS could no longer sell adds for the mini-series at a rate that would provide a profit.

I also would not be surprised if a few major affiliates placed some pressure of their own onto the network.


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