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al-Qaeda's recruiting techniques hae changed

By Oz_Media ·
Well we all know that al-Qaeda has been fuelled by malicious religious intent, 'give your life for Allah' etc. Money has never been a recruiting factor, until now.

al-Qaeda has been recruitig Muslim Africans from the very poor and downtrodden slums of black Africa and coercing them to join the al-Qaeda with large monetary gains.

They are offered money for training and most of all, thier families ae rewarded if the die for the cause (hired suicide bombers).

This just goes to show how the Iran affairs were left too soon, al-Qaeda took less of a hit than Kerry apparently did to get his three purple hearts. It was a waged war that the USA left and al-Qaeda continued. You are so tied up in Iraq though, it has given al-Qaeda time to restructure, you may have forgotten about the undefeated enemy, they sure haven't.

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by JamesRL In reply to al-Qaeda's recruiting tec ...

Oz, I have overlooked it a couple of times, cause we all make mistakes.

But you keep referring to an invasion of Iran, when I think you mean Afghanistan. Iran has not been invaded by anyone, at least since Saddam invaded in 1984. While Iran seems to have some tenuous ties to Al Qaeda, it does support terrorist groups in Isreal.


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Sorry- War in Iran

by Oz_Media In reply to Iran???

Yes it was Afghanistan. When I referred to invasion of Iran, I should have said war in Iran.

My goof,

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by ProtiusX In reply to al-Qaeda's recruiting tec ...

I would ask you to provide some proof of your allegations. What is your source?

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Sorry, missed that part

by Oz_Media In reply to Sources

This was reported on canadian new report last night, one of those half hours news reports that focuses on a single subject, not evening news.

Kinda like the whole Diane sawyer thing.

I have looked for it today but habven't found the written story yet, probably take a few days for them to update the website with the latest stories.

I really doubted anyone else hasd reported this in the USA, which is exactly why I posted the comments, to see what has been aired in the states.

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by ProtiusX In reply to Sorry, missed that part

Much as I expected. There was a guy in the thirty's and fourty's who once said "If you tell a lie enough times to enough people it becomes the truth".

As for the Canadian news report - garbage in garbage out.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Right!

YOu could explain what you mean, in detail and with suporting evidence.

fact of the matter is, I get US news as well as Canadian, ad other world news.

When the rest of the world resports something ad the US doesn't, given the fact that reporters are saying they are restricted by editors as to what can or can't be aired or deemed appropriate (as well as the Pentagon's own restrictions)one would be fie in surminsing that teh US is not showing the whole picture ad the rest of the world is. If so, how did they get all the video footage of things that never hapened?

so you discounted a report based on the fact that it isn't available online and came from another country, great mentality.

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I will put it plainly

by ProtiusX In reply to Perhaps

I will say it very plainly:

You are one of many people whom repeat things you here others say as if it is the truth and know nothing of what you are talking about. When pressed for clarity or for proof you say you heard from a friend or on the news but can't pin down the source.

Pentagon's restrictions? Do you honestly believe the stuff you write? The majority of the American media complex is owned and run by the elite left. Look at CNN, NBC, CBS or any of the other alphabet channels as well as the majority of the news-papers. This is what I mean by garbage in garbage out. You are consuming the garbage televised into your living room by the leftist media and you are spewing it out onto this forum without regard to it's legitimacy.

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Your a funny person

by kaligaclark In reply to I will put it plainly

The Democratic presidents have never had a media person frozen out of the White House for speaking poorly of them and Bush has had a few frozen out for speaking against him. The media sees this and is careful about what they say so they can get the next story otherwise they will be frozen out of the loop.

Furthermore, the media is far from left, if it were then you would have heard much more about the record breaking march that happened in April in DC. There were a record 1.15 million people marching in DC, more than even the million man march, but you barely heard about that. History was made and the media refused to cover it. You still hear about the million man march, but the media nowadays does not want to report anything that will upset bush.

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Sources please.

by ProtiusX In reply to Your a funny person

I work with people in DC. With the proliferation of the Internet there must be a source reporting it somewhere?

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Democrat Presidents

by maxwell edison In reply to Your a funny person

Franklin Roosevelt:

Heck, most of America didn't even know about the wheelchair until years after his death.

Do you know the story of Tyler Kent? Happy reading:

Did you know that FDR established an "Office of Censorship" in 1941?

Did you know that FDR supported the Communications Act of 1934, which established the federal government's ownership of the rights to use the electromagnetic spectrum and solidified its absolute power to regulate broadcasting?

Did you know that President Roosevelt expanded the reach of the FCC by appointing as its chairman James Lawrence Fly, an activist New Dealer whose principal objective as an administrator was to enact rules barring ownership of broadcasting outlets by newspapers -- especially those newspapers which opposed the Roosevelt administration No. 2? In fact, the courts had to stop FDR's attempt to stifle anti-New Deal reporting.

I could go on....

John Kennedy:

Given a "free press pass" on his womanizing.

Have you noticed how the "information" about JFK has changed (unfavorably) over the years since his death?

Watch "JFK: A Presidency Revealed" produced by the History channel.

JFK censored news from Vietnam, especially concerning the CIA's involvement.

I could go on....

Bill Clinton: Can you say the rape of Juanita Broderick?

I could go on....

On Lyndon Johnson.......

I could go on and on and on and on with any of these Democrat Presidents. I could probably post hundreds of examples.

Do you really believe what you said?

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