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By epepke ·
Threads appear to be falling off discussions again.

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by Packratt In reply to Alert to TechRepublic: Di ...

I think they are being replaced by spam messages about some Asked Case thingy and some kid from India posting messages to himself about the wonders of offshore outsourcing...

Figures that the spammers would come here one day and ruin things for everyone.

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agree....kind of

by MikeKing23 In reply to Yeah...

I agree that the postings about India are annoying, but I think they were meant as a joke. If you read them, they seem tongue in cheek and he was trying to spread the joke around. He's probably having a good laugh right now since everyone believeshe was really from India. I thought it was pretty funny actually.

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I dunno

by Packratt In reply to agree....kind of

Perhaps that was a joke, Mike, but it seems that this person went through some rather elaborate lengths to get the joke out. He posted the same message about 10 times and responded to his own message in all of those posts as well....

Oh well, in either case he was a joke.

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by Packratt In reply to Alert to TechRepublic: Di ...

I don't know about message threads getting dropped but these spam messages from these kids are getting really annoying...

Is there anything that we can do about them besides resorting to the same tactics like posting to ourselves over and over again?

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by Packratt In reply to Alert to TechRepublic: Di ...

Sorry about making light of your post about the recurring problem with TR and message posts. That is a sincere issue that they should address epepke.

Unfortunately, I decided to choose your thread to combat a spammer by using his own game... I hope nobody gets upset about it but I do really hate spam and do not want to see this great site spoiled by the rotten stench of spammage.

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I know the Spam you are talking about

by marshallkeithusa In reply to Really...

But I have run into an interesting problem when trying to answer it tech Q&A. I have run into when I submit an answer the site returns that could not accept the answer so I try again. Same error I give up come back next day and my answer was submitted 3 and 4 times.

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Additional Info

by epepke In reply to Alert to TechRepublic: Di ...

The count of number of replies seems to be wrong in places. My Discussions box says 5 replies for the Transition to Unix thread while in fact there are scores of them.

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