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All hail, the gangs all here!

By jdclyde ·
Recently (today) a very new member has decided to introduce a troll post.

It seems this member has either had his sensitive feelings hurt, or has seen someone else get their feelings hurt, and after being a member for a WHOLE MONTH, he/she/it has decided there is a GANG of people here that run around looking to attack others, or in his/her/it's own words "who have the sole purpose to burn and bring down opinion outside their tiny perceptions."

Have people been stepped on in the past? Of course they have.

Do simpletons like this like to cower behind their computer, crying foul because someone MOST LIKELY said something stupid, and was called on it.

Free speech is a two way road. You have the RIGHT to say pretty much whatever you want, but everyone ELSE has the right to hold your feet to the coals if you run your mouth off like and id10t. (or preditor).

I personally will not validate his/her/it's flamebait discusssion. You can make your own choices, although Max DID give him/her/it the only response that he/she/it deserved. End of discussion.

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road trip

by jdclyde In reply to The party's over here. Wh ...

been on the road all morning, and already have about 250 miles clocked in.

I tried getting in this morning before I left, but kept getting page not found error. (grrrr!)

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But it is fixed now

by j.lupo In reply to road trip

TR was on it right away and have fixed the site once again - YEAH TR

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I thought you might have gone

by OnTheRopes In reply to road trip

to Scotland for the babes.

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Oh yeah?

by maecuff In reply to All hail, the gangs all h ...

Why don't you come over here and say that..

I am always amused by ANYONE who gets their feelings hurt by a post. What makes the difference? Besides, if you're an adult and your skin is THAT thin..well, perhaps a long stay at a nice, quiet institution is just what you need.

And by 'you', I don't mean YOU, JD. So, quit being such a girl about it.

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Just so long

by jdclyde In reply to Oh yeah?

as I am not being a whinny a$$ T!tty baby!

I knew EXACTLY who and what you meant!

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I am trying

by maecuff In reply to Just so long

to keep my promise and not make fun of you for your, well, alternative tendancies. It's just so hard, sometimes.

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you mean that jd

by Jaqui In reply to I am trying

wants to wear dresses? ]:)

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You've hurt my feelings....

by jmgarvin In reply to Oh yeah?

I think that YOUR skin is too thin...and're a doody head...and you're mom goes to college...and you're sleeves are real puffy....

/ I cry for my sanity

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Most of that may be true

by maecuff In reply to You've hurt my feelings.. ...

but I do NOT wear puffy sleeves. At least not since 1983.

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