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all I have to say is

By Jaqui ·
this is twisted.
this guy needs a serious case of beating laid onto him.,10117,16243112-2,00.html

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You hold him

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to all I have to say is

I'll hit him.
This guy needs a visit from Bigwig.

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by neilb@uk In reply to You hold him

I wonder how many will get the literary reference!

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Not too obscure I hope

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to LMAO

Could have used General Woundwort
I want to see his fellow inmates faces when they hear what sort of riff-raff they are moving in along side them.

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Penal Payment Plan

by BFilmFan In reply to Not too obscure I hope

Lock him up with one of those jackalopes.

He does seem to like horny bunnies.

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Pay as you play?

by jdclyde In reply to Penal Payment Plan

Could apply one of those "use" taxes the government likes to slap on everything?

Lets talk someone that SHOULD be on a suicide watch. Can you picture your life after this comes out and your whole name is on global news? Ain't mother just proud as peaches of her little boy?

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A "use" tax?

by gadgetgirl In reply to Pay as you play?

Don't tell me.....

he'll be paying in carrots.....! :^O


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With stiff penalties

by jdclyde In reply to A "use" tax?

for early withdrawl......

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sounds like a plan,

by Jaqui In reply to You hold him


( for a reference that most have a chance at getting niel )

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and the reaction

by Jaqui In reply to all I have to say is

on another site:

Dressed in an army-style jacket, Mr McMahon remained subdued during his brief appearance at Sydney's Central Local Court yesterday.

Why is Elmer Fudd's voice suddenly echoing through my brain singing "Kiwl da Wahb-bit. Kiwl da WAHB-bit."


"I'm goinah screw dat waskily wahbbit if it's da wast ting a doo."


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don't you guys have any decent sheep over there?..making kiwis resort to wabbits..
"& sometimes is seen a strange spot in the sky,...a human being that was given to fly"

* stonemason's id included, so that any kiwi's know it was a kiwi making the comment.

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Please tell me...

by DMambo In reply to all I have to say is

that this is not what I think it is. Do people in NZ have some other cute definition for "beastiality" that I'm just not familiar with? Because if this IS what I'm thinking, then it sets a new record for weird.

Gotta go, I think my parrot is in the mood.

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