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All in favor of Bucky "John Walker Lindh" Kaufman

By Packet Spoofer ·
Shutting his Pie Hole on matters of US foriegn policy, US Military Action etc. please step forward and be heard......

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by ProtiusX In reply to All in favor of Bucky "Jo ...

I vote that he shut his stinking pie hole! Or at least take his meds again so he can have a rational debate rather than spew some more felgercarb.

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Another plausable theory....

by Packet Spoofer In reply to YEAH!
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Yes - No - Yes - No - Yes - No.......

by maxwell edison In reply to All in favor of Bucky "Jo ...

As much as I'd like to see Bucky go away, as he just rubs me the wrong way, I would have to vote no. He certainly has a right to voice his opinion, regardless of how repulsive it may be, and regardless of how obnoxiously irrational he may come across. Besides, we need people like Bucky to remind us of how deranged the "fringe" thinkers really are. And in Bucky's case, he seems to represent both fringes pretty well.

Personally speaking, I tried to conduct reasonable dialogue with Bucky, but I didn't try very long. It became obvious real fast that he just wasn't ___________ (fill in the blank). So now, I don't read hardly any of his messages, and the ones I do read, I just don't take seriously enough to justify a reply.

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I was merely taking a poll on whether or not people

by Packet Spoofer In reply to Yes - No - Yes - No - Yes ...

wanted bucky to shut his pie hole on these matters....It could be thought of as merely a friendly....suggestion...yeah suggestion thats the ticket!....I am not saying he should be forbidden...It is at times amusing, but at other times it is disgusting vile and putred...He would fit in well with the taliban these days!

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by Packet Spoofer In reply to Yes - No - Yes - No - Yes ...

double posted.......

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Sick Entertainment

by CorTech In reply to Oops....

I gotta say that most of his spew is so far out there that it intrigues me as to what the heck you've gotta smoke to come up with that crap.

Other times it just give me a headache. haha

He oughta be thankful for free speech.

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