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AlQaeda votes for Kerry!

By Oz_Media ·
Well not really but a local news report said that if you monitor the chatrooms supporting these terrorist activities (and if you speak muslim) ALQaeda have also been using and monitoring these rooms.

They are said to want Kerry elected because it would be easier to attack the US public support for him and create doubt in Kerry.

I don't think this will actually influecne the election at all because I am sure any Muslims living in the USA are not tarrorists or radicals against Bush (at least not in the same way).

I wonder why they actually used a half hour to report such garbage though? Were we actually supposed to think that AlQaeda was 'for' Bush's second term?

Then agin, I just posted it too!

Oh well, too hot to get any work done yet.

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Let me be the first --- Its all Bush' fault

by Garion11 In reply to AlQaeda votes for Kerry!

No really, haven't you heard. It is all Bush's fault.

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f course it is don't be so stupid!

by Oz_Media In reply to Let me be the first --- I ...

The point is, the news report CNN (some people consider that crap news), stated this as if it was new to Americans that AlQaeda didn't support Bush.

What was your point behind posting Garion, as if I didn't know? You are just going to post ANYWHERE I do ad complain that I drone on and on about Bush. I do, ad I watch America drone on and on abut Bush all day at home too. THat's been my point all along, he is in my face so I am in yours. If someone comes on my TV and makes statements that afect the wolrd as a whole, I will most definitely have my say and without any guilt especially from those who have supported him all this time and realize now just how awfully mislead they have been all this time.

But again, you offered no input on the topic of discussion but still felt it neccessary to post a completely irrelevant comment as a rant anyway.

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How about you change channels?

by Garion11 In reply to f course it is don't be s ...

There is a suggestion. Watch something else, stop posting here so much, get a life in other words.

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Actually thee is little choice

by Oz_Media In reply to How about you change chan ...

I get about 12 channels US to 4 Canadian on regular TV.

Cable and sattelite world news is all about Bush too.

Unless you get of on BigBrother or those two tarts who cruise America looking to be stupid, thn there is a lot to watch in the evening. They ever preemt reular TV for moer Bush bullsh*t.

That's been my point all along, I think we get lambasted with more of it than you do!

The other day when Bush was on Larry King, I watched about five minutes and changed the channel. The next show in THAT station was Larry King LIv interviewing GWB. So I sat through it as LK is actually pretty good somtimes and I even offered my comments on how well GWB condducted himself.

So after that was over, I change to another chanel and regular programming is prempted to show the following Larry King Live special presentation with his interview of GWB!!

So you change the channel again, news is about Bush. NEXT, repots from the middle east about bush. NEXT, some documentary about teh eople in Iraq. NEXT...and so on and so on.

It's not that easy though, if it was i would have no problem Bush just wouldn't exist in my world.

When he dominates the media and then has a direct impact on wee I live, I am completely right in expressig my dstaste every single time I see him.

There is a hone company in Eastern Canada who ALWAYS send me email with their specials, I am NOT interested in working outside my own chanels.

They have a remove option, ad seeing as they are an actual company I submitted to be removed.

I still got more email from them.

I then PHONED them in Toronto and asked them to please remove my domain from their lists. It stopped for one week and then I get four identical product deals from them in the same day and addressed to the same email addess (I have quite a few).

So once again, I sent them email insisting that they remove my domain from future marketing attempts.

Reselling or buying used Nortel equipment is not worthwhile, waranties are voided instantly as only authorized Nortel dealers can sell equipment and you can't get software upgrades to make the system work with new telephones.

So they replied and apologized stating they would no loger send me email, which I completely acceptable.

Yesterday, I phoned them AGAIN and spoke to their president, he assured me that I would not receie email from them any longer.

This morning I boot up to find THRE emails from these people ALL with the same ofer and sent to the same address.

I now have my own emil set to send them my company outline and service offerings three times a day, daily.

My point, be in MY face and I will be in yours.

Just lok at the mess sleeping dock has made for himself, he is going to some ad get beat up for no reason at al except his own stupidity!?!

Get in my face and I'll get in yours. It's not ****, it's not bullish, it's not oppressive, it's defnsive. I won't pick the fight (had enough trouble with that before when I was a REAL sh*t disturber) I will even walk away when possible, children fight not men, but when people get in my face what can I do?

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Cable Tv and World news is not all about Bush

by Garion11 In reply to Actually thee is little c ...

There are other entertainment channels, wildlife channels, discovery, movie channels, sports channels, and hockey (being hockey is a religion in Canada:)) channels.

You are telling me out of all that, EVERY news broadcast features Bush? How about you e-mail the news people not to COVER Bush or America? How about you watch the other alternatives that I just listed?? I mean 24/7 news channels is not the only thing you watch right??

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Another one that just doesn't get it

by Oz_Media In reply to Cable Tv and World news i ...

Damn you guys a REALLY tiring sometimes.

er well, what about, then yuo could uh... er.. but. F-O!!

When I pay mearly $90.00/month for cable and I sit back to enjoy diner, there are perhaps a COUPLE of channels that are not reporting news, dinner time is news time, try it one day.

EVERY news channel we get,. Canadian British, Asian East Indian ALL report on America in Iraq, Bush on Iraq etc. What a waste o news, it isn't news nobody can confirm anything yet, except people are being killed.

YOU have absolutely NO idea whatsoever what Bush's motives REALLY are, nobody does. You want to think they are in your best interests, but they may not be. You would like to believe that Bush is doing what's best for Asmerican people, not just for himself. Both o these beliefs are simply that, BELIEFS. You believe him millions don't. Get it yet?

So why should I hae to pay early $90/00 month to watch your president spew what I disbelieve that ALL regards another country on my TV?

Well they say, it effects EVERYONE, fine thn so b it, I will watch endless spew about US politics and don't you think for one second I wont share it with you. You don't even have to PAY to listen to me, I have to PAY to listen to GWB's garbage.

OTHER channels: I didn't know there was a hoky chanel, I doubt very much there is as it wouldn't fit corporately with ownershi and broadcast right, but who knows, I wouldn't watch it anyway as I haven't played hockey in nearly 10 years and certainly won't pay to have it blasted to my with a monthly fee.

Discovery can be a good channel but too many repeats and now they've even bastardized west Coast Choppers by selling Jesse James on Monster Garage, as a mechanic I can apprecaiet it but again too many repeats.

TLC- Monster House, Trading Spaces, Tradig spaces family, Trading spaces college etc etc etc , just renos renos and nore renos, as cheap ad shoddy as it gets, who the **** builds furniture from MDF?!?

Movie Channels, same movies I've already seen wouldn't waste my money. I STILL get all the prereleased DVD's (screeners) from Rogers Video each month.

So what's your point Garion, if you actually have one?

I should pay for another 100 channels of garbage so I have an alternative to your freaking looney in the white House? Has there actually been any NEWS regarding Iraq lately or is it all the same crap again?

I don't mind 'news', wen it's news. To hear GWB droning on and on about the same BS everydy is just plain aggravating, keep it in your own country and I will not speak out about your issues, they don't effect my day or my life.

PLASTER it all over TV for $90.00 month and I will ***** about it all I like, get it yet?

I believe it was SULLYMAN who recently agreed that canadian TV is just plastered with Americans talking about Bush and it is virtually inescapable.

So while I objct to your idea that I should pay to watch something different, it did raise a good point.

Why doesn't a CABLE channel create the US political TV network or GBS (Geroge's Broadcastig system or George's BS, whatever you choose)?

Then all the avid supporters who just can't get enough can PAY to listen to the idiot 24/7 and get their jollies and false beliefs at a price ad anytime they want, without objections?

Then when there is ACTUAL news to report, we ca see it in the standadr media, but for those that wish to build little altars to Bush and praise him 24/7 can do so without pissing off the rest of the world.

You resolution means that most of our TV channels would be a waste of money. ine makes it possible for those who get a woody off of Bush to simply hae him in their living rooms 24/7. A MUCH beter resolution, you want BUSH pay for it. I want regular TV programming, I pay for it, but not for YOUR political crap.

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The point

by ProtiusX In reply to AlQaeda votes for Kerry!

If you look at AL Qaeda's perspective they would welcome Kerry into the White house. He will pull our troops out of Iraq, out of Afghanistan, and reduce the amount of money spent on the military. This will allow the terrorists to rebuild what GEB has destroyed and give them an edge on attacking us in our heartland again.

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Sure they want him - They see him as a weak-kneed leader

by JimHM In reply to AlQaeda votes for Kerry!

Sure they want J. F. Kerry in the whitehouse - he said he would run a more kinder war! Seen what happened when the politicans ran a kinder more gental war in vietnam -

So all the good that GWB did would go away - Kerry would pull the troops out of Iraqi - give back Afganistan - the terrorist would regain control and attack the USA again ... Only this time with a Dirty Bomb -

Elect Kerry and live in fear - keep Bush and live like you are today.. Kerry Weak-kneed liberal would wants to run a more Just and kinder war... What the **** does that mean...

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Off Topic

by TomFromElsewhere In reply to AlQaeda votes for Kerry!

This is called Tech Republic, and it concerns the use of computers in technology.

Besides, I'll bet you've never actually listened to anything that didn't already fit with your beliefs.

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Have you seen the lack of post to the technical questions

by SkipperUSN In reply to Off Topic

Have you seen the lack of posts to the technical questions - some get 0 replys - others 5 to 10 - but the political ones get 400+ ..

Hum - I try and answer as many Technical Q/A's as I can ... besides the political ones :-)

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