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i have a recurring problem with this error message window continually appearing every 15 mins or so. i cannot determine what it is referring to or exactly what is running. Any one have any clues?? thanks

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Already running !!! window

by thedean59 In reply to "ALREADY RUNNING" window

I have the same problem and need advice.

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Already Running!!! Message

by aprager In reply to "ALREADY RUNNING" window

How do you get rid of this annoying message that pops every 15 minutes or so?????

Thanks in advance!

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try this site

by gbrownlee In reply to Already Running!!! Mess ...

Try posting your problem at

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"Already Running" window problems

by maccabee_revolt In reply to "ALREADY RUNNING" window

I got this problem yesterday when I accidently clicked on an advertisement, only I was getting 4-6 at a time. Not only that, my IE home page was changed and I had a bunch of new links in my favorites (many of which I would never go to) I tried ad-aware and found nothing but a few cookies. Spy Assassin found some things but after removing them and rebooting, they returned. I set out to do a little sleuthing. I opened a run window and entered MSCONFIG. I clicked on the START UP tab and found some new programs there that I had no clue what they were for. They were "MS64.EXE", "MSS-OR32PE.EXE", and "SYPE64MS.EXE" they were all 2,906 bytes in size and were all dated with yesterday's date and time. I Deselected them and rebooted. Seems my problems have disappeared. Also, when I opened the system task list (CTRL-ALT-DEL) and clicked on PROCESSES, there were several (it varied between 5 and 15 when I checked it.) programs 27K in size and 60K in size. These files were a combination of letters and numbers (IE - H7PYY4E9.EXE and similar such names) and were found in the \DOCUMENTS AND SETTINGS\(CURRENTUSER)\LOCAL SETTINGS\TEMP directory. When deleted, they reappeared within a few minutes. Not sure what this was, but Norton, AD AWARE and SPY ASSASSIN was unable to do anything for it. If this doesn't help you, maybe it will help someone else.


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"Already Running" window still keeps popping up

by jonathane_122 In reply to "Already Running" window ...

I have noticed that this window seems to be popping up due to a file avpx.exe (located in My Computer/ C Drive). I end the program and delete it, however in a short amount of time it is back. Also, I've noticed that in my 'Connections', a new modem connection suddenly appears after the "already running" window comes.
Every time I delete it, it still comes back. When I delete the program and connect on the internet, in a short time the internet disconnects and the avpx.exe program is back.
I will greatly appreciate it if anyone could tell me how to fix this problem!

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Already Running Problem

by grifo In reply to "Already Running" window ...

I was experiencing the same problem. The instructions at this page helped me resolve the problem.

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Already running problem

by grifo In reply to "Already Running" window ...

I was having the same problem. This page helped me resolve the problem. Good luck

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