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By jardinier ·
I have what I consider is a very useful setup on my computers.

AOL is my ISP (version 7 in Oz) which can access IE 6 which is actually corrupted and will not run on its own. It cannot be uninstalled (as I learnt in a Tech @ & A some time ago) but works perfectly via AOL.

Then I have Firefox and also Netscape.

Thus I can concurrently check my emails on AOL (and also use it as a browser if required), particpate in an online discussion with Firefox, and search for information on Netscape.

My question is: are there any other browsers that I can download or acquire some other way so that I can have 4 browsers open concurrently?

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by Jaqui In reply to Alternative browsers

Mozilla Suite / Seamonkey
lynx [ dos based version as lynx is a console, no image/tables/frames browser ]
links, a tables support version of lynx, but I don't know if it has a dos version.

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