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    Am I the only one here?


    by jopa ·

    Please do something about the font size of your Web pages and the HTML e-mail that you send. Perhaps my eyes are not what they used to be, but every time I try to read something that is related to your service I must adjust my screen resolution.I generally go with 1024 X 768 on a 17″ screen wich is adequate for most things. Everything generated by you leaves a stripe of unused area along the right side of the screen; web pages around two inches and HTML e-mail leaves almost half the screen blank.

    For a site that is devoted to technology, surely you can adjust your style sheets or whatever so as to use more (all would be nice) of the screen area which would allow you to use a larger font size.

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      do yourself a favour

      by cul8rm8e ·

      In reply to Am I the only one here?

      go with 800 – 600, then again maybe all us poor boys out here can chuck our monitors and buy new ones that will allow us to use same resolution as yourself ,oh and ofcourse maybe a few billion pages can be restructured to suit us all? 🙂

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      font size

      by khariskh2 ·

      In reply to Am I the only one here?

      try Programs->Accessories->Accessibility->Magnifier

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