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Am I the only one?

Does anyone else have to click "yes", "yes" to the security question on every page on this site? I'm getting sick of it, but the site is worth it.. so far...

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I have no such problems

by Rob Wolfe In reply to Am I the only one?

I have many issues with the site, mostly editorial, but that nasty clicker thing isnt one of them.

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by ab3_tek In reply to Am I the only one?

What browser are you using? Are your security settings very high? I have not had this problem.

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IE5, 40-bit enc., standard sec. settings

by ARG CIO In reply to Problems?

Every page I load on this site shows a message box, "Security Information","This page contains both secure, and non-secure items; do you want to display the non-secure items?" "Yes", "No", "More Info" are my choices. If I say No twice, then I don't see the ads, or the any pictures. If I say no, then yes, I get the same thing. If I say yes, then no, everything loads.

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IE5.5, 128-bit, and still..

by ARG CIO In reply to Problems?

I continue to click yes, yes on EVERY PAGE! HOW F#$@ING annoying is that?

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Help should be on the way

by John Connell In reply to Am I the only one?

I'm not sure what's causing the problem but I have forwarded this discussion to folks better equipped to address these kinds of things. A response should show up in this thread soon.

Meanwhile, if anyone else has any advice by all means post.

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Sounds like https???

by DanSeewer In reply to Am I the only one?

Are you connecting to our site over https???
This is what sounds like is happening. Change the URL to connect via http. It will be alot quicker to. :-)

Dan Seewer
Group Development Manger

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Yep, that did it!

by ARG CIO In reply to Sounds like https???

Thanks for your help.. It was SOOO annoying to answer yes twice for EVERY PAGE.. thank you, now I can enjoy the site

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was Outlook SR-1 Security for me

by williecrosby In reply to Am I the only one?

I was having the same problem after I had applied Outlook SR-1 Security; had to completely rebuild my OS & Ofc2000

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