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America bashing ...

By jardinier ·
What is this? Is it a new religion, or perhaps a new political movement?
Now before I become involved in these TR political discussions I had never heard the term used anywhere. I am certainly not anti-America, the country, or anti-American, the individual. In fact I have mentioned in some earlier discussion that I have liked the Americans whom I have met, and I also stated that when I was Living in Kings Cross, at the time of the Vietnam War, I was very impressed by the refinement and courtesy of the US soldiers who came to this part of Sydney for their R & R. Some girls living in the same rooming house as myself went out with some of these men, and likewise commented on their gentlemanly behaviour.

Now I may not like the current US Administration, and I most certainly have good reasons (too many to list here) to dislike the current Australian government. But this does not mean that I dislike America and Americans in general, any more than I would be inclined to dislike Australia or Australians in general.

Australia is a great place to live, as anyone who has visited here will agree.

So if you read any general anti-American sentiments in any of my postings, then you are imposing that interpretation yourself (yourselves).

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its just a colony!

by lumberjack In reply to America bashing ...

Why doesn't the US of A do the best thing - come under british rule again!!!!
ha ha ha!!

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No thank you

by mrbill- In reply to its just a colony!

Taxes are too high. But love the countryside over there.

Better yet why don't you throw off the shackels and join us. We would be happy to add a couple stars to Olde Glory, better for you than joining the ECU any day.

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I though we were!

by lumberjack In reply to No thank you

with the way Tony B just seems to adore G.W.B - I thought we were the 51st state!

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Sorry but Australia is the 51 st State

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I though we were!

Even Ronald Ragen said as much so you Brits will just have to settle for the 52 nd State mantle.

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Why not both?

by mrbill- In reply to Sorry but Australia is th ...

I?d welcome either one of your states, except Australia would be 4 states itself, and UK would be 3, the former due to size and the latter for socio reasons. But we?d have to loss NI, too much trouble. Imagine the great cultural heritage we would have. Not to mention how much more powerful we would be. Let those whiners in the UN say something then. Think about the special services we could field.

Should we invite the chaps from the north? Nice folks, good beer, and beautiful country.

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Actually Australia is

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Why not both?

Six States and two Terretorities so there may be a bit of a problem there but other wise I can't see a problem.

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The more...

by mrbill- In reply to Actually Australia is

... the merrier.

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What ever

by Trib In reply to America bashing ...

The UK and Australia should just form an alliance with the US along the lines of the EU (Canada can join if they want to). We would dominate the global for decades to come and each of our economies complements the others such that they would be almost unstoppable!!! That is after a short period of squabbling and some aftershocks from the changes (20 years should do it).

As for the bashing. Sometimes the US takes the hit and sometimes it?s in the limelight. Most of the people who bash it want to live here given the chance any way (I know I am generalizing). As far as bashing in TR well free speech gives one the right to say what the want. I think the issue is one of is this a political or technical one?

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by Oz_Media In reply to What ever

Your statement, although seemingly open minded and free is actually typically arrogant.

"We would dominate the global for decades to come and each of our economies complements the others such that they would be almost unstoppable!!!"

Is that the focus of world affairs now? Domination via a pissing contest? Unstoppable by who? I didn't realize we were trying to win something, I just wake up, take a pee, shower, eat and start my day. I didn't realize I had to win something each day to justify my existence.

"As for the bashing. Sometimes the US takes the hit and sometimes it?s in the limelight. Most of the people who bash it want to live here given the chance any way (I know I am generalizing)."

recents reports showed that although almost ALL Americans feel the rest of the world wants to move to America, only 18% actually do. That's a pretty low number to assume everyone wants to live there. I moved out of the US due to the misguided BS. Of course you are going to be constantly ridiculed and attacked. You are constantly going against other countries wishes while expecting them to become an alliance, if they don't, all the American citizens slam the others for NONCOMPLIANCE with their ideas. You assume you are respected and parised by all other countries in the globe, where most are simply laughing at you. You insist on being at the forefront of all things global, if Jesus still walked on Earth, he would play second fiddle to the States, if he didn't, you'd launch an attack on all churches with the end result being hundreds of American's accidentally killing other American's again when the church didn't even fight back.

Way to go boys, no wonder the USA has become the laughing stock it is.

I think, America isn't a bad country a little boring but not bad, American's aren't bad people, BUT the people in charge of the misguided and underhanded actions of the American government should be shot on sight.

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by mrbill- In reply to Undertones

What are you basing the boring statement on, compared to what?

If Christ was walking the Earth he would not be in the States, remember he came to save the LOST!

You make a lot of generalizations about the US being a bunch of sheep. To that I play the BS card! The US has its share of knuckleheads, just like every Nation. But we also have our fair share of individuals. If we did not have free thinkers we would not be one of the leading research and developmental countries in the world. If I come across as being patriotic it is because I do love my country. I do not follow everything the "Gov" says but I do listen to what they say and weigh it against other ideas and choose what is right, though not always popular.

Sorry if I rambled.

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