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America. What's good about it?

By neilb@uk ·
My old Mum is 81 (she'll be 82 by October). She's expressed a wish to visit the USA again "one more time" and I'm up for it if she can get some reasonably priced Travel Medical Insurance. She's OK for walks of a mile or so on the flat but hiking is out. Anything else goes. One site holiday, two sites or serious driving are all acceptable. I've driven in Madrid, Lisbon, Paris, Rome, SF, LA and New York and I still have nightmares about Delhi... 500 miles in a day doesn't worry me.

Now, we've done Florida (Disney, Venice, Sarasota, Cocoa Beach, Miami and Key West) so we'll probably not go there. Twenty years ago she and my Dad had a "retirement vacation", driving the West Coast and then inland to the Grand Canyon, etc and repeating some of that is an option (she'd like to see Death Valley).

But, my TR chums, where could we go instead? What is worth seeing? Any tips, gotchas, local knowledge?

I'm looking a three weeks in October after our big Summer project is completed. We don't want it too cold all of the time. Beach is OK but not every day.


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How About...

by SWK14 In reply to America. What's good abou ...

Washington DC. It's pretty incredible if you've never been. So much to see. New York or Chicago can't be beat either. Probably not much different than Sydney though. This might be too cold in October, but one of the most beautiful places in the US that gets little to no props is Northern Michigan. Mackinac Island is a lot of fun as well as going to see all the lighthouses and vinyards.

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Washington sounds interesting

by neilb@uk In reply to How About...

and would be something obviously well worth seeing! I'm from London, by the way, so I've very little idea what Sydney is like. :)

I've been to New York although my mother hasn't.

I'd have to be careful in Michigan - jdclyde has guns... Seriously, vineyards is good! Mum does like a glass or two. I don't hear too much good about Detroit but I suppose most states are as big as England and we'd be quite a way away.

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I would lock them up, just for you! ;\

by jdclyde In reply to Washington sounds interes ...

Michgan has a lot to offer and detroit is still not as dangerous as Washington. (seriously, look at the murder rate there)

Things Michigan has to offer.

Lighthouse tour. A good part of Michigan is all coast line, so we have many wonderful views, and lots of historic lighthouses along the way.

Picture rock, up in our "Upper Penincula" (UP) is another very pretty place to visit. This is the coastline and the way the water has worn it away. Boat rides to view this.

Mackinac Island is a historic site, with the Grand Hotel as a place to stay and dine. Will be busy on weekends, so I would strongly recommend hitting this on the week days. You have to take a ferry there, and can go for the day or stay a few nights.

Mackinac City is pretty touristy, but has a few places of interest. They have a restaurant that is also a Museum to the building of the Mackinac Bridge. (five miles long) Scratch the Museum as I see it burned down last year. how sad. I loved that place.

There are wineries in the State, and I can run this down if your interested.

like to gamble? Got a few in Detroit.

The Henry Ford Museum is also a place where you could spend a few days if history is something of interest.

It has the village, a working village.
Museum, I just took my boys there last weekend. IMAX. (need I say more?)

That MIGHT even be in time for the "color tour". There are train rides where all you do is ride up north, just as the trees are all changing color, and come back. It really is something to see, if you hit it right.;1

Another resource is here

If this gets you interested and you want more, you have but to ask. I have many resources to tap to get more things to do, this was just "off the cuff".

FISHING. lots of fishing here. Charters that take you out for the day, and they provide all the gear.

What is Mum interested in?

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The Berkshire mountains

by oneamazingwriter In reply to America. What's good abou ...

in New England are beautiful the first few weeks of October. The foliage is breathtaking.

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Fall foliage colours

by neilb@uk In reply to The Berkshire mountains

was something I was investigating - the where and when is what I need.


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The Mohawk Trail

by oneamazingwriter In reply to Fall foliage colours

in Massachusetts is marvelous! There's an outlook station along the route that allows you to view things from a distance, and, if it's still there, a place to buy souvenirs reminiscent of Native Americans who once lived there. Vermont and New Hampshire are only a short distance from most places in MA. It's a relatively small state.

Edit: I made it through the post and spelled "the" teh in the title!! ROFL

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10 Good Places to Go

by jmgarvin In reply to America. What's good abou ...

Having seen most of this, many of these places have wheelchairs for free....this might ease up on the walking and allow more site seeing...

Let me suggest some sights if you haven't seen them:

1) The Smithsonian in Washington DC

2) The monuments in Washington DC

3) The Grand Canyon (AZ and CO)

4) Chama Narrow Gauge Railroad in Chama, NM. You ride a rail car pulled by a coal powered engine. Very interesting and quite fun. Just bring a mask as the coal might be a bit hard on the lungs.

5) St. Louis Arch

6) The Redwood Forstest (northern CA)

7) Napa/Sonoma Valley (northern CA)

White Sands (NM)

9) Las Vegas, NV...just to see it is enough. If you like to gamble it's an added bonus...tons of cool shows and sites

10) San Antonio, TX. You have the river walk, Alamo, and some great sites near there...

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Texas. Hmmmm. I hadn't thought about Texas!

by neilb@uk In reply to 10 Good Places to Go

The Alamo sounds really a good idea. I guess that there's plenty more to see!

We had planned New Orleans before Katrina...

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by tryten In reply to Texas. Hmmmm. I hadn't th ...

The Alamo is not what most people expect...right in the middle of downtown San Antonio, but the River Walk is nice if you can get past the sight of the river water (they may have cleaned it up). Dallas / Ft. Worth is WAY over rated, Austin is a nice tourist city. Houston is not a place to bring anyone over 50, its huge and very Industrial, you can drive for 2 hours in just about any direction and either be in view or smelling distance of a chemical plant. (****, I work at one) Houston doesnt have smog but it does have ground level Ozone Watches (similair effects as Carbon Monoxide). Mostly on the East side though, the West side is more likely to get you robbed or shot.

I suggest a run on the Coast. Visit the small fishing towns like RockPort. Then finish the visit with someplace like Galveston or Corpus Christi. Corpus is smaller but it is cleaner than Galveston (use to be nice) and has the USS Lexington (WWII aircraft carrier, Filmed parts of Pearl Harbor on it I believe) and an aquarium with a Dolphin show (yippie, well my niece liked it). Galveston has the seawall and Moody Gardens(indoor and underwater tunnel aquarium, indoor rainforest).

Palo Duro Canyon in Canyon, TX (how original) is the second largest Canyon in the US, has Jeep Tour Guides and plenty of picnic areas.

Amarillo has a Route 66 and a ton of random stuff, like a giant pool table that can only be seen in the air, Cadillac Ranch (I wasnt impressed), and over 200 random "Art" street signs. Check them out here.

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by Ben "Iron" Damper In reply to Texas

DFW is NOT overrated!! It's well worth checking out especially in late September early October when the major heat wave should be over with for the year. While there is nothing wrong with San Antonio or Houston DFW is equally worth checking out.

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