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American People wake up!

By peachcobbler ·
American People wake up! How can anyone still back this obviously delusional man who?s parading around as the ?President Of The United States? His very first mistake was to withdraw troops from Afghanistan before Usama Bin Laden was captured or killed, in order to invade Iraq. What American believes that Saddam Hussein presented more of a threat to America than does Usama Bin Laden? Saddam Hussein has been in the same place as The United States left him from the last declared war on Iraq. I still haven?t been able to find not one Iraqi name on the list of Terrorist that attacked us on 9/11, has anyone else found one?

There couldn?t have been a worse action by anyone else that could equate the actions of GWB manufacturing evidence to persuade this government and the American people to back him on the war with Iraq. He has shown no remorse about doing that, nor has he apologized to the other people who, for instance, Secretary Of State, Colin Powell for sending him to the UN with manufactured evidence to prove his point on WMD! America isn?t going to blame GWB for those actions the blame will go down in History as egregious actions on behalf of Secretary Of State, Colin Powell, a man who truly has served his country well, far better and longer than GWB.

History has proven that GWB has been and most likely will always be an egregious person without remorse of anything that he does. He allows other people to take blame for things that is rightfully his blame. He has never finished anything that he has started without intervention from higher ups to save his but. That was proven when he was enlisted in the National Guards. Now that he is suppose to be the Higher up, he has no one to blame but himself, therefore now he passes it bilaterally in order to save face. What President would make a statement or excuse by stating that Illegal Immigrants take jobs that Americans won?t take.

The truth of the matter is Americans can?t have the jobs that Illegal Immigrants take because if the people who employ illegal immigrants hired Americans for those jobs they would still be breaking the law, only much worse. They would be paying Americans less than minimum wages, which is illegal in America. They would also have to provide sanitary working conditions for American workers who would be able to file complaints about the illegal conditions and treatments by these employers! That is why this government wants things to remain the same. How many if any, illegal have filed complaints about the deplorable working conditions and housing they must live and work in?

Everyday I'm growing more and more disappointed with the American people. America has been a nation of people who have been able to see through Bull Fertilizer regardless of who the applicator is. Then why hasn't America said enough to this Bush administration as to their spreading of "Bull Fertilizer"? This is the most egregious Administration ever to be in office, and I can't understand why the American people are being so tolerant of this egregious behavior.

It has gone far beyond party affiliations; this has started to make Bush's own party sick. Bush is not Presidential material; he doesn't possess the qualities a leader of such an amazing country should have. Most of the world hates America because of this Administration, who has managed to undo most if not all of the good deeds that America has been able to accomplish in the last 12 years. I'm not going to mention the most egregious things that he has done, just the most recent.

Domestic spying has its place in a society where there is threat of annihilation of that society by outside forces. But first lets clean up the inside forces that are against us, before we go and spy on the very people who he believes elected him! Why hasn't anyone raised the question about the spies who have been caught spying in the higher ranks of our Government including his office? We've heard about them being caught but why haven't we heard about what has been done about it and to these traitors who were caught red handed? Some of who have been in very close proximity to George W. Bush in the White House!

What about the Vice President and his involvement in scandals that hasn't been addressed that sheds bad light on our Country and the administration in place now. GWB and all his cronies need to be held accountable for the egregious things they have done and are still doing. How can anyone expect other citizens to abide by the law when the heads of this country doesn't? Some Presidents have been brought up on Impeachment charges for far lesser offensives than what is at hand today, and I haven't heard one suggestion about Impeachment of this President! I respect the office of the President, not the man that is office now. I wouldn?t trust this man if his tongue was a notary stamp! Everyone, regardless of who they are, should be remorseful for the wrongs that they do. That includes, American Presidents!

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Expected to see this by a "new" member

by jdclyde In reply to American People wake up!

When mr/ms/mrs/ cobbler started with pulling troups out of Afghanistan, it showed a total disconnect from reality, as we still have soldiers there.

The alternate reality gets wilder from that point on, hitting on almost every twisted lie you would find at or some other nutjob site like that.

Just too many wacked out claims with no supporting information to back anything up to make it worth even trying to do a point-by-point.

But that is ok, I am sure you will find four or five others with a similar disconnect from reality and also find facts irrelevent that will join you in your tantrum.

The only point that I WILL make right now is about spies. You don't hear about it because if they are stupid enough to tell YOU, then the people that sent the spies would know it all too. Think. For a change.

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He's just trying out his "word of the day"

by neilb@uk In reply to Expected to see this by a ...

A particularly egregious example of semantic elitism.

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I noticed that as well

by ITgirli In reply to He's just trying out his ...

Same word over and over. That right there shows lack of imagination or even rudimentary thought. Looks like someone found a thesaurus, found a word they thought looked cool, and decided to show what they learned today. It pulled focus away from the absurdity of their ramblings. I found three sentences that were so jumbled together that they no longer made any sense. Nor did I even see so much as one supported fact in any of that unintelligible rant. At least it was amusing.

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More sad than amusing

by jdclyde In reply to I noticed that as well

But then maybe if we wouldn't have seen so many rants instead of discussions recently I would be amused. He/she is just one more nut.

I DID like near the end of the post that Neil linked to "need to be healed accountable"

yes, we need to healed people accountable for things they are held accountable for.

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More amusing than " rants"!

by peachcobbler In reply to More sad than amusing

"But then maybe if we wouldn't have seen so many rants instead of discussions recently I would be amused. He/she is just one more nut".

Mr. Ph.D., did you bother to read your post, are all of your T's crossed and I?s dotted? If your avatar didn?t amuse you then you can't be amused. I forgive you! It's not nice to call people names; obviously, you didn't take your medication today, Please go and do so now!

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Ok, meds taken

by jdclyde In reply to More amusing than " rants ...

So lets try this again.

First, I did nothing to attack your spelling, or layout of the post. (is it really possible to not dot an "i" on a computer? ? )

Was this started as a discussion, where you were expecting people to openly discuss the merits of your points or was this a proclamation from on high on your part?

You also set the tone of the post, laced with hate and contempt. Not exactly a foundation to build a meaningful exchange of ideas, now is it?

My avitar amuses me greatly, thank you very much.

Stating that your a "nut" has hurt your feelings? Talk about thin skin. But taken for the way it was intended, it is on even par with your comment about me needing meds as it is nutcases that NEED meds.

Maybe we are both right, and thus, both nuts? Of course, this means that your just as "not nice" as I am. ;\

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are You on meds too?

by dawgit In reply to Ok, meds taken

geeeze, I thought it was just old guys and young nuts ;-) I didn't know an 'I' couldn't be dotted with a computer, I tout everythang cud be dun wit 1 (he-he)
now isn't that close enuf?

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Hi jdclyde, I'm Peachcobbler :- )

by peachcobbler In reply to Ok, meds taken

My skin is anything but thin, and I'm glad that you caught on with the nut case and Meds. :- )
The post was to arouse the American people and get them stirred up about what is happening within our government. It's not good at this point and it's getting worse. I don't understand how Americans can just sit and do nothing about what has happened as far as the wars, lies being told and elected officials expecting us to believe them verbatim, without question. We are a great nation but we are not invincible

The President of a country cannot fabricate pertinent information and then when found out just sweep it under the rug as if nothing has happened. I just don't get the feeling that GWB has any feelings about our troops being in Iraq fighting for the wrong reasons because they put their trust in a man who has no conscious. As far as I know there are only two congressmen who have family fighting in Iraq, I don't believe that is by chance but by design.

Do you think that is fare, I don't think so. I'm very out spoken on issues that I believe in. America can't take on the world and win, anyone who believes that is "Certifiably Crazy". Our Military right now is spread very thinly patrolling other countries borders while ours go un-attended!

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Rudimentary thought "cool"!

by peachcobbler In reply to I noticed that as well

" That right there shows lack of imagination or even rudimentary thought". And you only found three sentences that were so jumbled together that they no longer made any sense. "Cool" :-)

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Dazzle them with BS?

by jdclyde In reply to He's just trying out his ...

I know techs that do this. Use jargon to cover the fact that they have nothing valid to say.

"I see stupid people"

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