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AMT ACCEL 535 dotmatrix printer - need on XP

By 4-hire ·
Good day to all!
I'm hoping (desperately) that someone can tell me whether or not a ( AMT ACCEL 535 dotmatrix printer ) will working on XP and where I can find a driver for it.
I've surfed the Internet and come up with nothing. I know...dotmatrix printers are in the past...but we need it for multiple forms and we had it running on a win98 machine but it's dead now and we've bought a new system with XP Home.
Can any of you wonderful people help me out or am I stuck.

Many thanks in advance

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Try these...

by shiny_topadm In reply to AMT ACCEL 535 dotmatrix p ...

Try and see if they have an update. If not there, you should call or email them, I'm sure it has come up before. If you don't wish to try that, see what emulation your printer is running, if it's not (native) AMT, then it's likely to be IBM XL24 or Epson LQ-570, both of which should be included with Windows. We still have some of these printers, but don't print from Windows, so I don't have the files you need. I hope this helps,


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AMT Accel 535 drivers

by matt In reply to AMT ACCEL 535 dotmatrix p ...

I havethe drivers you seek I believe.
Give me a call.

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"Generic / Text Only"

by CharlieSpencer In reply to AMT ACCEL 535 dotmatrix p ...

I've used the "Generic / Text Only" driver for several models of dot matrix in the past.

Dot Matrix was the president of our high school computer club. After graduating she got married and changed her name to Dot Com.

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Also please check

by DakineAthon In reply to "Generic / Text Only"

The AMT 535 printer has a menu that allows the user to select serial or parallel communications with the computer. If you have trouble you would need to scroll to COMMUNICATIONS and select the type of communications you will be using.

You would then need to save the configuration to User1 for the printer to "remember" the settings you want to use.

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