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    Amusing Server Names


    by scarecrow71 ·

    Most of IT types actually have a sense of humor!, and I can demonstrate this with some of the server names I have come across on my travels.

    One company had named all thier servers after cheeses, with the smelliest cheese signifying the biggest/most powerful server!

    I used to work for another company and the IT Director, a man named George Yates was purchasing a new server. This server was his pride and joy, a huge beast of a machine that he called ‘the fridge’. He said that ‘The Fridge’ could f**k for England! George and his fridge have long gone now, but in his honour, the first server I built at my current employment was named George. We are currently building another server, to be called ‘Tarquin’ after Georges understudy Tariq whom everyone called Tarquin because we knew he hated it!!

    So come on guys (and gals), lets have the most amusing names for servers you have come across.

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      server names

      by kethry127 ·

      In reply to Amusing Server Names

      I worked for a major pizza chain… their login server was named chz_pizza. On their network they had Sausage, peperoni, hamburger among others. Another company had Gandalf and Saruman.

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        I did consulting work

        by road-dog ·

        In reply to server names

        for a company whose servers were Larry, Curly, and Moe.

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          I like that

          by w2ktechman ·

          In reply to I did consulting work

          I must think of implementing it now…

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          I agree

          by thobb12 ·

          In reply to I like that

          You raise some good pints here well done i agree

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      Star Trek

      by jackofalltech ·

      In reply to Amusing Server Names

      At the last place I worked, all the servers were named after Star Trek characters – Riker, Yar, Leforge (?), etc.


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      Make my day

      by batosai the man slayer ·

      In reply to Amusing Server Names

      The servers at my current company are named after Clint Eastwood movies. We have Absolute Power, The Beguiled, Sudden Impact and many others.

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      Try this….

      by it_jp ·

      In reply to Amusing Server Names

      The owner of a company I worked for were paranoic about security. And thought using server names such as Warts, blister, ect. would help for better security.

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      Food works best

      by stevef611 ·

      In reply to Amusing Server Names

      At my current gig we are butchers. So we name the servers after our products. Our main server is named after our brand of BBQ sauce High5, and the rest are wither cuts of meat or brand names of our products. BackRib, RibTip, Porkchop, HotLink, etc.

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      The Clinton Universe

      by stevef611 ·

      In reply to Amusing Server Names

      My place before we chose everything from the Clinton Universe circa 1995. The main server was Hillary, Finance ws named after the treasury secretary, the server that fed antivirus and software updates was named after the CIA director. Sort of cool.

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        shoot, i feel dumb now. I named mine disone and datone

        by danlm ·

        In reply to The Clinton Universe

        Thats home machines though, so I guess that doesn’t count.


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      by w2ktechman ·

      In reply to Amusing Server Names

      LABRATT was a common svr name where I work for test servers.

      Darth Vader — a powerful SQL svr where I used to work

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        many projects, many “themes”

        by turnier ·

        In reply to LabRatt

        We ALWAYS follow a theme when naming servers for our projects — the last one (not surprisingly) used Lord of the Rings characters and locations.

        My favorite names were on the project I was on just before… we used names of various pain-relief and “calmative” medication (if you only knew just how appropriate these were) — advil, tylenol, quaalude, ritalin, etc.

        Another project used weather phenomena names — wind, sleet, snow, rain, fog, and so forth.

        Yet another used Norse gods — odin, loki, thor, and the like, but we also interspersed “Hagar the Horrible” comic character names (hagar, snert, helga, kvack).

        As did someone else, one project used Three Stooges — moe, curly, larry, shemp, joe, and curlyjoe.

        Another used Wizard of Oz names — dorithy, toto, scarecrow, tinman, and stuff like that.

        Of course we’ve also gone through all Star Wars characters and places, and before that pretty much every possible StarTrek name and place, to even include the names of the actors (not just their characters — e.g., spinner and data; spock and nimoy; geordi and burton; mccoy, bones and kelley; sulu and takei; well you get the picture).

        It was fun trying to remember these… thanks for bringing back the memories (both good and bad).

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      Marvel Comic Characters

      by charliespencer ·

      In reply to Amusing Server Names

      Production servers were Avengers members. Test servers were X-Men.

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      True story

      by neilb@uk ·

      In reply to Amusing Server Names

      Way back I installed my first ever Netware 4.0 server. During the install, I had the need to bring it up without mounting the disks. For the M$ guys, that involved “server -NA” which brings up the server, mounts SYS and prompts for a server name. This name was, in earlier versions, discarded when the server rebooted.

      As their IT Manager was a total arse and breathing in my ear, I typed in F*CK_OFF_YOU_BASTARD for the name, made my corrections and restarted.

      The server came up fine with the correct name and all of IT, who were in the server context, logged in OK.

      “OK, everyone”. F:> Login Mavisp, cannot find server object F*CK_OFF_YOU_BASTARD, F:>.

      I thought the support technician at Novell was going to have a fit when I logged my problem…

      The moral: Keep it straight because you never know when it’s going to bite you.

      Neil 😀

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        and the second one

        by jaqui ·

        In reply to True story

        was f*ck on, you get better results?


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