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And here I thought

By Jaqui ·
Americans were the lazy ones, driving everywhere.
but it seems the Greeks are worse.

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What, they don't have drive thru windows in Canada?

by Mickster269 In reply to And here I thought

The Greeks just worked a bit harder on thiers.

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Ever stop at a drive in ATM???

by sleepin'dawg In reply to What, they don't have dri ...

Have you never wondered why the keys have Braille on them?

Dawg ]:)

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something worse I have seen

by jdclyde In reply to What, they don't have dri ...

they drove their car through the door, hooked a chain on the ATM and drove away with it.

Really cool security video on it!

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Why all the fuss

by Neil Higgins In reply to something worse I have se ...

never heard of a Greek takeaway?

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the rest of the story...

by mikemajor3 In reply to something worse I have se ...

this story was on a while back, with this added... police arrived on the scene of the ATM-napping, and followed the drag marks across the parking lot, thinking that where the marks stopped, they might find tire impressions, or other evidence. Much to their surprise, the drag marks continued down the street. Taking to their cars, they followed the drag marks all the way to a local resident's back yard, where two intoxicated men were trying to cut the bottom off the battered ATM with a sawzall...

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